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Tummy Tuck San Antonio, TX

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedures are extremely popular in patients after pregnancy or weight loss. It is important to remember that tummy tuck surgeries are not weight loss procedures, they are body contouring procedures. Our patients who undergo a tummy tuck are typically extremely happy as this is the final step in reaching their aesthetic goals!

Our brainless tummy tuck includes the internal corset (muscle plication) and is typically combined with liposculpting. The combination of abdominoplasty with liposculpting creates an incredible appearance for our patients. Some of our patients who are hoping to restore their curves will also include fat transfer to the tummy tuck (our Miami Makeover). Our team of plastic surgeons can offer personalized body sculpting solutions for your desired look.

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The tummy tuck – also known as an abdominoplasty – is a popular surgical procedure among San Antonio women and men who desire a flatter, tighter, and more defined abdomen. This procedure is a favorite for patients who want to improve the appearance of their stomach after drastic weight loss or following pregnancy when the abdominal region can no longer return to its original form.

Unlike liposuction, a tummy tuck removes excess skin in addition to residual fat. The tummy tuck also allows your plastic surgeon to tighten your rectus muscles which are typically stretched out during pregnancy or weight gain. Tightening these muscles during your abdominoplasty will further enhance your aesthetic result. Liposuction, tummy tuck, and fat transfer are commonly recommended together for a total body transformation.

What is a Drainless Tummy Tuck?

A brainless tummy tuck uses a special technique called progressive tension sutures to avoid the use of drains. These sutures help the abdominal skin adhere to the underlying fascia and thus eliminate the space where fluid can collect. Without the progressive tension sutures, a large space can be created where fluid can collect, and thus why drains are needed if progressive tension sutures are not used.

One of the most important reasons we use progressive tension sutures and avoid the use of drains in our tummy tuck surgeries is to help patients get up and move as quickly as possible. Drains tend to hurt and make it difficult to move around after your surgery. A brainless tummy tuck is designed to help our patients recover as quickly as possible.

Is Exparel Used in a Tummy Tuck?

Exparel is a long-acting local anesthesia that lasts for about three days. The exparel can be injected directly where the muscle plication is performed as this is the area that can have the most discomfort. This avoids the need for pain pumps while still making sure that our patients are as comfortable as possible.

Ideal Candidate

A tummy tuck is an ideal procedure for patients who want to improve or enhance the appearance of their abdominal region. This procedure is best for people who have excess skin or loose abdominal muscles, feel unhappy with the look of their stomach, or whose abdominal region has been permanently affected by pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss. Abdominoplasty is ideal for patients who are at their ideal body weight or their pre-pregnancy weight. Tummy tuck procedures should always be combined with diet and exercise.

Depending on your situation, our team might recommend a mini tummy tuck. The mini tummy tuck is designed to treat the loose skin below the umbilicus. A mini-tummy tuck may or may not include rectus muscle repair depending on the situation. This procedure typically has a slightly shorter incision. Like the full tummy tuck, excess skin is removed, resulting in a flatter and tighter abdomen.


Our patients will start their tummy tuck journey by doing a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons in San Antonio. The consultation will begin with a review of your history and a physical exam. Your plastic surgeons will guide you through the process and provide you with information to help your abdominoplasty go as smoothly as possible. Following these instructions will help you reduce the risk of complications.

Depending on the complexity of the procedure and if it is combined with liposuction and/or fat transfer, abdominoplasty can take 2-5 hours. You will undergo general anesthesia for the surgery. A low abdominal incision will be designed by your plastic surgeon. The length of the incision is typically dictated by the amount of skin that needs to be removed.

Our team will surgically tighten the abdominal wall with sutures that shape the waist and place the abdominal muscles back in their original position. The excess skin and adipose tissue are removed, and the abdomen is contoured. Our surgeons take great pride in creating a natural-appearing belly button. The belly button is the most visible part of the tummy tuck and an area of great pride at Austin Plastic Surgeon. If you have more questions about the tummy tuck procedure and how it can work for you, our team in San Antonio can answer them during an initial consultation.


The result of a tummy tuck can be incredibly transformative. Generally, patients feel happier and have a renewed sense of confidence with their new appearance. Abdominoplasty in combination with diet and exercise can help you look your very best. We can help enhance your body and give you the look you desire. Reveal your inner beauty with this impactful surgical procedure. Call our team to book a consultation today if you want to find out more about a Tummy Tuck in San Antonio.