Facial Feminization

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Facial Feminization Austin, TX

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a surgical process performed by a plastic surgeon to create a more feminine facial appearance. Facial feminization surgery is rarely one procedure but rather a number of procedures done at the same time to affirm a person’s gender as a woman. For this reason, FFS is sometimes called Gender Affirming Facial Surgery (GAFS) and is commonly sought by transwomen.

Our team will work with you to help you achieve your desired results. During your consultation, our surgeons will review your goals and determine a surgical plan that can include several facial plastic surgery procedures. Facial feminization in Austin can help you create a more feminine appearance by treating the entire face from the hairline to the jawline. Our team is ready to help you feel like your true self inside and out.

Procedure Details

You can conceal or cover other areas, but facial features such as the eyes, mouth, and brow are more visible. Modifying these traits can lead to increased confidence and less potential for being misgendered for trans women is different than what was assigned at birth. Facial feminization can significantly lessen negative symptoms of gender dysphoria and ease your anxiety about relating to people as your true self.

Candidates for FFS

Facial feminization could be the right option for anyone who wants a more feminine facial appearance. These candidates include:

  • Transgender women
  • Cisgender women who want their feminine facial features more pronounced
  • Non-binary individuals who seek a facial appearance that is less masculine

A surgeon in Austin can help you determine which facial feminization surgeries are right for your desired look.

Procedure Process

Your FSS will happen in three parts: consultation, procedure, and recovery. Each step is essential to ensure effective results.

The Consultation

Before your surgery, you will consult with an experienced surgeon on how you want your face to look. They will provide procedure options that align with your goals and help with your face’s feminization. Your surgeon will describe the potential outcomes and what to expect during recovery and perform a thorough personal assessment. This includes reviewing your lifestyle habits, health evaluation, possible complications that may arise, and any current medications or allergies.

Your surgeon will need to obtain CT scans, X-Rays, and images of your face to learn detailed anatomical information for planning your treatment. The surgeon will then refer you for an appointment to discuss your anesthesia. It is crucial to follow any instructions shared on preparations for the procedure, such as dietary changes and medication adjustments.

The Procedure

Facial feminization surgery varies from person to person in Austin, depending on the features you want to modify. You might need only one surgery or could require multiple procedures, meaning the process and recovery time will differ in each situation. Depending on your preferences, you can undergo one or more of the following surgeries:

The Recovery

You might feel facial discomfort and pressure following surgery, and possible side effects include redness, swelling, and trouble swallowing. After your surgeon’s team removes your stitches, you can resume work or modest activities, but you should avoid excessive exertion for three weeks and contact sports for eight weeks. Keep in mind that it could take a few months before you experience the full effects of your operation. You will continue to discuss the development of your facial features and any potential concerns with our team while you recover.


While there are risks with any surgery, working with a skilled plastic surgeon will increase your chances of remarkable outcomes. The team at Austin Plastic Surgeon are experienced and ready to help you. Set an appointment with us today and start your journey with facial feminization in Austin. Our team looks forward to helping you feel more at home in your body.