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A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that eliminates excess fat and reduces sagging skin in the abdominal area. It can also tighten the underlying abdominal muscles. This treatment enhances the overall appearance of the abdomen, achieving a flatter, firmer, and more contoured midsection. 

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About Tummy Tucks

Excess fat and skin in the abdomen can lead to a bulging and folding midsection that detracts from the body’s natural beauty. In some cases, losing a significant amount of weight, particularly since the weight loss revolution with the introduction of semaglutide and tirzepatide, can lead to excess sagging skin. Some patients may seek a tummy tuck because of changes after pregnancy, or simply want to address contour issues due to aging. Whatever the reason, if your abdomen is anything short of tight, firm, and flat, a tummy tuck can help. It is a body contouring surgery, which means that it is not a weight loss solution. 

An abdominoplasty typically involves removal of the excess skin of the abdomen and contouring with liposuction if the patient has excess pockets of stubborn fat. After making small incisions in the treatment areas our surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon will typically use advanced technology such as VASER liposuction to contour the waist and back.  The fat removal is designed to improve your overall shape and body contour.   A low abdominal incision is strategically placed to conceal the incision as much as possible.  If the patient has a C-section scar, the surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon will place the incision below the C-section scar thus lowering the scar and removing all of the previous incision.  

Depending on individual circumstances, the surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon may also make an additional vertical incision if the amount of excess skin and tissue is extensive, this is known as the Fleur-de-Lis technique. This is typically only necessary when patients lose a massive amount of weight and have a significant amount of excess skin.   They remove excess skin and tissue and use sutures to tighten up the abdominal muscles, where indicated. To close the incisions, they pull the remaining skin tightly over the abdomen. They take great care in this process to ensure that the belly button remains in a natural-looking and optimal location.  All of our surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon take extreme pride in creating sleek and natural appearing belly buttons.  

New Tummy Tuck Techniques

Tummy tucks have changed for the better over the past few years, thanks to new developments in technology, anesthesia and suturing techniques. We give our patients Exparel, a long-lasting local anesthetic. This eliminates the need for a pain pump, a device that is left outside of the abdomen after surgery which extends through a small incision into the abdomen. These devices prevent discomfort from the abdominal suturing during recovery, which can be a bothersome aspect of the tummy tuck process. Thanks to Exparel, you can enjoy the benefits of this treatment without the hassle of the pumps.  The Exparel is injected in precision points along the abdomen to make you as comfortable as possible after your tummy tuck procedure. Our surgeons can inject the Exparel into precise locations along the edge of your muscles within the abdomen to prevent discomfort. (1) 

At Austin Plastic Surgeon, we also utilize the progressive tension suturing technique, which eliminates the need for drainage tubes after surgery. Traditionally, the tummy tuck procedure causes excess fluid buildup during the healing process, which requires post-operative tubes that stick out of the incisions to drain it. With progressive tension suturing, the internal treatment area is tightly positioned to prevent any excess fluid buildup. (2) The combination of Exparel and progressive tension suturing has made a dramatic difference in the ease of recovery for tummy tuck patients. These measures result in less discomfort and make it easier for patients to move around and keep their blood flowing while they heal. 

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Receiving a tummy tuck from Austin Plastic Surgeon comes with many benefits. These include:

  • Abdominoplasty without the need for post-op drains or pumps
  • Utilizing cutting-edge techniques to reduce discomfort and make recovery quicker and easier
  • Removing excess skin from the abdomen
  • Achieving a toned and fit-looking midsection
  • Smoothing skin and removing protruding fat pockets
  • Regaining your self-confidence and boosting your self-esteem
  • Expanding your wardrobe and feeling confident in your desired look! 
  • Providing a reason to stay lean and healthy
  • Providing a base for a new workout routine and six-pack abs
  • Advanced techniques that combine liposculpting and abdominoplasty procedures. 
  • High Definition Abdominoplasty

Who is a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

You may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck if:

  • You have excess fat and loose skin in the abdominal area that cannot be addressed with diet and exercise.
  • You have experienced massive weight loss through bariatric surgery or weight loss medications like semaglutide and tirzepatide
  • You have lost abdominal strength due to pregnancy or aging.
  • You are of average weight but have a protruding abdomen.
  • You wish to improve the look of your midsection and your appearance overall.

Ideal candidates will be in relatively good health and at or close to their target weight with plans to stay there long-term. If you lose or gain weight after your tummy tuck, you may be left with excess tissue or sagging skin affecting your appearance. You should also have a positive attitude and realistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can achieve for you. 

Mommy Makeover

Combining a tummy tuck with other surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedures can provide more comprehensive body contouring results. A popular choice is the mommy makeover, which can also include breast augmentation and/or a breast lift.  Many of our patients also combine their tummy tuck and liposculpting procedure with fat transfer as this can further enhance your shape depending on your specific desires. The fat that is removed from areas such as the love handles can be used to treat your hip dips, buttock or for a breast enhancement. The combination of a tummy tuck, liposculpting and fat transfer can be extremely powerful in transforming your body and give you a contoured feminine appearance.  Your surgeon will evaluate your specific case during the personal consultation and discuss any additional treatments that may complement your desired outcomes effectively.

Personal Consultation

At your consultation, we can answer any questions that you may have about the tummy tuck procedure. We will walk you through the risks and benefits of this treatment and make sure that you understand what to expect from the entire process. You can tell us about the goals that you have for your body, and we can let you know which procedures and techniques can help you reach them. 

To ensure that abdominoplasty is a safe option for you, we will ask detailed questions about your medical history. This will include inquiries about your past conditions, prescriptions, and surgeries. We will also perform a physical exam. If you are eligible for a tummy tuck, we will create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your cosmetic goals. 

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We will provide personalized preparation instructions for you based on the physical exam and the information that we gather about your medical history during your personal consultation. Following these closely will help to prepare your body for surgery and increase your healing ability. Before any cosmetic surgery, you should maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

If you smoke, you should quit both before the procedure itself and until you are completely healed, as smoking can increase the risk of complications. To avoid excess bleeding and bruising, discontinue blood-thinning substances like ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, and certain herbal supplements. Staying hydrated throughout your treatment process will also help you on your healing journey.

It typically takes patients some time to recover from your procedure and anesthesia.  It is important to  arrange for a ride home from our facilities on the day of your procedure. Having a reliable friend or relative watch over you during the first few days of recovery improves the experience and enhances your overall results.  Your body needs time to recover so that you can enjoy your results for years to come! Make sure that your home is prepared for the recovery period by creating a comfortable and stress-free environment. Fill your prescriptions before your surgery and stock your home with healthy, easily prepared meals. 

Tummy Tuck Procedure

At Austin Plastic Surgeon, we perform tummy tuck procedures in a hospital or outpatient surgery center where you will go home the same day. When you come in for your treatment, we will give you general anesthesia to prevent discomfort. Your surgeon will begin the tummy tuck procedure, performing liposuction first if that is a part of your treatment plan.  This liposculpting will help contour the waist and sculpt the entire torso.  The fat that is liposuctioned may then be used to enhance your buttock, hips or breast if desired. The tummy tuck involves enhancing the belly button and removing the excess skin and tissue of the abdomen. The abdominal muscles are repaired to flatten the abdomen and contour the waist. The Exparel is injected in precision points to enhance your recovery.   Where indicated, they will also use progressive tension sutures while closing your incisions to avoid post-surgical drains. When your procedure is completed you will head to recovery to rest until the anesthesia has worn off and you are ready to go home. 


The amount of downtime that you will need to recover from your tummy tuck procedure will depend on how extensive your treatment is and the rate at which you heal. We will let you know how long you should expect to take off from work at your consultation. In the first few days after your procedure, you may experience redness, swelling, and bruising around your treatment area. If these symptoms lead to bothersome discomfort, we can prescribe medication to help you through this period. Most patients can return to work after around three weeks of rest. However, you should avoid strenuous activities completely until you are fully recovered, which can take six to eight weeks. 


The swelling in your treatment area may hide the final aesthetic results of your tummy tuck for up to six months. You will be able to see the general effects sooner, though, as most of the swelling will go away after a few weeks. The results of a tummy tuck can last for years and even decades. If you want to prolong your results, eating healthy, maintaining your weight, and staying active will help. 

Cost of a Tummy Tuck in Austin

Tummy tucks are a highly customizable surgery, and the price of your treatment will depend on the details of your personalized procedure plan. To learn more about how much tummy tucks cost at Austin Plastic Surgeon, contact us online or call one of our three locations:


Will a tummy tuck give me six-pack abs?

Tummy tucks do not enlarge the abdominal muscles. If you already have well-developed abs, a tummy tuck might make them more visible. There are advanced UGRAFT techniques in which the abdominal muscles can be enhanced with fat transfer during your abdominoplasty.  Also the liposculpting that is performed during most tummy tucks will enhance the appearance of your abdominal muscles.  

Can a tummy tuck treat a hernia?

It is possible to treat a hernia in the abdominal-suturing portion of the tummy tuck procedure. If your hernia is severe, your provider may recommend having it fixed by a general surgeon rather than during cosmetic surgery. 

Do tummy tucks leave visible scars?

Tummy tucks do leave visible scars. Surgeons typically make incisions in areas that can be hidden by clothing, from hip to hip below the waistline, and following the natural features of the body. Scars will fade over time, as well. At Austin Plastic Surgeon we have a customizable scar solutions program that involves a variety of treatments to minimize the appearance of scars after your tummy tuck surgery.  

Can I get a tummy tuck after Ozempic?

While semaglutide therapy can lead to rapid weight loss, it is important to stabilize your weight before considering a tummy tuck. Once your weight has stabilized, you can consult with your surgeon to determine if a tummy tuck is the right choice for you.


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