Ozempic Face & Body Treatments

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A post-weight-loss body treatment is designed to highlight the results of your weight loss after using Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, Zepbound, or one of the compounded semaglutide/tirzepatide medications. Achieving your goal weight is no easy feat, and is life- changing for most patients. The health benefits for most patients that reach their goal weight are numerous and will not only help patients live longer, but also live better in most cases. The benefits not only include future health benefits, but also mean patients have better mobility, allowing them to do the things they enjoy. 

During their weight loss journey, patients can experience some of the secondary effects such as excess skin and loss of volume and structural support in the face, breast, butt and body. For example, “Ozempic face” refers to facial volume loss and skin laxity, while “Ozempic butt” negatively affects the appearance of the buttocks, resulting in diminished feminine curves. With the safest surgical and non-surgical practices, you can create the body you have always wanted and look as great as you feel. Most of our patients have transitioned to their fit and fabulous life and now want to look as fabulous as they feel. 

At Austin Plastic Surgeon, we take a proactive approach to the treatment and prevention of weight-loss-related issues. When patients start their fitness journey on the “skinny shot”, many do not anticipate the dramatic changes that can develop throughout their face and body. We take the time necessary to discuss treatment options with our patients, helping them find long-lasting solutions that suit their aesthetic desires and needs. 

To get in touch with our team of board-certified/eligible surgeons and rejuvenation specialists, call one of our office locations in Texas or inquire about a consultation online, and we will be happy to help you find an appointment time and date that works best for you. 

The Best Defense for Ozempic Face

A comprehensive approach is required to prevent and treat Ozempic Face and Neck, with patients often needing a variety of treatments to effectively prevent it. Most patients have worked extremely hard to lose weight and slim the overall appearance of their face and to treat them with fillers alone does not help patients achieve their goals. At Austin Plastic Surgeon we take a multifaceted approach that address these primary factors:

  • Skin Laxity
  • Structural Support
  • Volume loss
  • Contour

Skin Laxity 

Treatment and prevention of skin laxity is critical to the prevention and treatment of Ozempic Face and Neck. This can be done with a variety of skin tightening treatments such as Sofwave, RF microneedling and Renuvion. These devices can help stimulate collagen and create skin contracture to help reduce the appearance of skin laxity throughout the face and neck. Reducing skin laxity will help rejuvenate the skin during and after the weight loss process. Typically these treatments are performed in a series to sequentially tighten the skin and improve the appearance of the face and neck. It is critically important to treat skin laxity as this will allow the face to also be treated with targeted volume replacement and the addition of structural support. 

RF Microneedling 

Microneedling devices work to stimulate collagen production through the process of causing tiny microchannels within the skin. The skin responds by increasing its cellular regenerative processes, erasing wrinkles, scars, and various signs of aging after each treatment session. When paired with radiofrequency, the healing mechanisms of microneedling treatments are amplified further. As a type of electromagnetic energy that penetrates the dermal layer, it converts to gentle heat that triggers collagen contraction, resolving mild laxity. Austin Plastic Surgeon providers perform RF microneedling with either Vivace or Morpheus8, both of which are suitable for almost any area of the face or body. These treatments have been invaluable during the weight loss revolution to help combat skin laxity of the face, abdomen, buttock and legs. Many patients that have lost weight have mild to moderate skin laxity that can be effectively treated with RF microneedling such as Morpheus 8 or Vivace. 

Dermal Fillers 

At Austin Plastic Surgeon, our most popular array of dermal filler options are hyaluronic-acid fillers, including Restylane, Juvéderm and RHA (resilient hyaluronic acid) formulations. Each is designed to provide natural-looking volume to certain areas of the face, equipped to combat the effects of gravity and facial movement. HA is completely biocompatible since it is found naturally within the body in areas of the eyes, skin, and even between the joints, facilitating smooth movement and maintaining hydration. These fillers take action within the dermis layer of the skin, creating volume by binding to water molecules. As a result of this type of injectable, you can expect greater firmness, improved moisture, and enhanced skin radiance. (1) 

Sculptra is another type of filler, but it consists of poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA), a biodegradable substance that increases collagen and elastin production as the skin metabolizes it. It provides more gradual results, but they can last up to 2 years. (2) The filler can erase prominent nasolabial folds, hollowed temples, and sunken, aged cheeks. It can also create more projected and defined contours for the chin and jawline. The biostimulating effects of Sculptra have been critical during the weight loss revolution to help naturally rejuvenate the skin while also enhancing the effects of skin laxity treatments. 

Finally, we offer Radiesse a specialized mineral-based calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) filler suspended in a gel carrier. Like Sculptra, it is a biostimulatory filler that increases collagen and elastin production over time. This is used in the face, body and buttock to improve the contour, texture and volume in the treated area. Radiesse can be used in a variety of treatments to create structural support such as the jawline or to restore volume in the butt and hips. It is also used commonly in conjunction with RF Microneedling and Sofwave to improve the effects from your weight loss journey. Your Austin Plastic Surgeon injector can help you find the filler most capable of solving your specific cosmetic concerns. 

Facial Fat Transfer 

A facial fat transfer is a liposuction-based procedure in which your surgeon will transfer a small amount of fat from another area of the body and graft it subcutaneously into the face. For this treatment, they will only need to make one tiny incision in the abdomen, thighs, or any part with an excess of adipose tissue. Next, they will harvest the necessary fat tissue with precise surgical suction, purify the sample, and strategically reinject it to plump hollow-looking areas of the face. Only about 2 tablespoons of fat are required to provide permanent results that can be maintained by keeping a stable weight. (3) 

MyEllevate Neck Lift 

MyEllevate is one of the best minimally invasive approaches to sculpting a slimmer side profile and resolving neck laxity. MyEllevate is used to contour the jawline and subsequently improve the overall appearance of the face and neck. With this procedure, your surgeon will only need to administer local anesthesia along the jawline, behind the ears, and under the chin. They will then make several tiny entry ports under the chin and behind each ear. They will then use a light-guided probe to guide a suture throughout these incisions. The light-guided probe ensures the precise placement of the suture suspension system. The suture suspension system creates a trampoline effect that releases the platysmal bands, and tightens the skin to lift and contour the jawline. It will create immediate results and a permanent lift for the jawline and neck as long as patients maintain a stable weight. This procedure has been immensely beneficial to our young patients who have lost weight and have isolated neck laxity and visible bands in the neck. 

Ozempic Breast

“Ozempic Breast” is the deflation of the breast that can happen after weight loss with the use of semaglutide and tirzepatide medications. This rapid weight loss can lead to some significant changes that lead to loss of volume in the breast, breast ptosis and thinning of the breasts. This may affect the breast in patients who have had breast implants and patients that are considering their first breast augmentation procedure. 

Patients who have developed Ozempic breast can be treated with a breast augmentation and/or fat transfer to the breast to restore the volume that has been lost in the breast. Patients who have lost significant weight typically also see thinning and volume in the breast. We take special considerations when performing a breast enhancement procedure in patients who have lost weight with the use of GLP medications. Gummy bear and gummy bear plus implants are typically used in the enhancement to decrease the risk of rippling after the augmentation. The unique technology of these fifth generation breast implants is the cohesive nature of the implants that decreases the risk of rippling while still creating functional fullness that is still soft. Also, some patients may benefit from the addition of structural support materials such as the internal bra. The internal bra will add support to the breast while also helping decrease the risk of rippling in the breasts.  

Patients who have had previous breast enhancement procedures can also see changes in their breasts after using GLP medications as the breast may start to sag, lose volume, and start to have visible rippling. The use of the more cohesive gel implants such as the gummy bear and gummy bear plus implants have decreased the rippling that can be seen with saline implants and traditional silicone breast implants. Also, the addition of structural support with internal bra materials helps to support the breast implant and decrease the risk of rippling. 

Laxity Correction and Fullness for Ozempic Butt 

The buttock requires a comprehensive approach similar to Ozempic Face and Neck. Patients often need a variety of treatments to effectively prevent and treat skin laxity, volume loss and contour issues of the buttock. Most patients have worked extremely hard to lose weight and achieve their fit and fabulous life, however they may have some unwanted loss of volume and support in their buttock. This can lead the buttock to lose its shape, sag and create contour deformities. At Austin Plastic Surgeon we take a broad approach that addresses all the factors that affect the aesthetics of the buttock. These include the following.

  • Skin Laxity
  • Structural Support
  • Volume Loss
  • Contour 
  • Cellulite
  • Muscle Enhancement

RF Microneedling 

RF microneedling can be used in the buttock and thighs as well to help treat Ozempic butt. It can help decrease the visible signs of mild to moderate skin laxity. The stimulation of collagen production through the process of causing tiny microchannels within the skin along with the radiofrequency energy will lead to skin tightening. The skin responds by increasing its cellular regenerative processes, and will continue to improve with serial treatment sessions. 

The combination of the microneedling paired with radiofrequency, can amplify the results further. As a type of radiofrequency energy that penetrates the dermal layer, it converts to gentle heat that triggers collagen contraction, resolving mild laxity. Austin Plastic Surgeon providers perform RF microneedling with either Vivace or Morpheus8, both of which are suitable for the butt and legs. Many patients who have lost weight have mild to moderate skin laxity that can be effectively treated with RF microneedling such as Morpheus 8 or Vivace. 


Sofwave delivers synchronous ultrasound parallel beam (SUPERB) technology. This unique technology remodels collagen and decreases skin laxity with minimal downtime. Patients can return to work the same day. It can be used to decrease skin laxity throughout the body. It can also help decrease the appearance of cellulite by improving the skin tone of the buttocks. 

Brazilian Butt Lift 

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) incorporates liposuction techniques that utilize harvested fat from your own body to amplify curvaceous buttocks. Most patients are looking for a modern BBL which restores the volume that they lost during their weight loss journey. With this approach, your surgeon can slim down an area of stubborn fat, such as the abdomen and love handles, helping form a feminine hourglass figure. Then, they will apply modern fat grafting techniques with the use of the ultrasound to process and re-administer fat deposits into the buttocks. This procedure is incredibly popular due to the all-natural, soft results you can achieve with only tiny, inconspicuous incisions and minimally invasive methods. 


If you do not have enough body fat for a BBL, a Sculptra butt lift can foster similar volumizing results without the anesthesia or downtime involved. As a dermal filler, it can also serve to smooth out stretch marks and other minor wrinkles; its plumping effect fills in hollowness and promotes greater symmetry. 

Hyperdiluted Radiesse 

Hyperdilute Radiesse is a type of Radiesse that is diluted with sterile saline, allowing it to spread out evenly over a large surface area, such as the buttocks. This treatment is also used as a biostimulant to improve the production of collagen. This can help patients increase the volume in the buttock and improve the skin in the buttock. 


Renuvion is a minor procedure that involves administering radiofrequency energy under the skin, and tightening the overlying contours. Surgeons can perform this treatment on its own or as a complementary procedure to liposuction to encourage the skin to retract well after surgery. 


Pure-Impact is an entirely non-invasive device that emits high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to tone and build muscle to the buttock and other muscle groups. (4)  It can promote a leaner build in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, calves, and even the upper arms, combatting the look of crepey skin with an improved athletic appearance. This helps improve the contour by increasing the volume in the buttock in a very athletic way. Pure-Impact is unique in that it can treat multiple muscle groups in a single session. It can also be placed precisely on specific positions along the muscle group. 

Surgical Butt Lift with Auto-Augmentation

At Austin Plastic Surgeon we have evolved a procedure that combines a surgical butt lift to lift the buttock and remove the excess skin while performing an auto-augmentation. This procedure uses specialized knowledge of the arterial anatomy of the buttock and back to use the skin and fat that would be traditionally removed with a butt lift to be used to augment and shape the buttock. The unique design of this butt lift and auto-augmentation has distinct benefits over previous treatments as the butt can be shaped and sculpted in unprecedented ways. The popularity of the surgical butt lift with auto-augmentation has exploded during the weight loss revolution. It has been so powerful as it does the trifecta of lifting the butt, removing excess skin and shaping the butt with your own natural tissue. The design of the innovative auto-augmentation butt lift allows us to lift and shape the butt in a manner we have never been able to previously. 

Full-Body Makeover 

If you feel ready to commit to more comprehensive body contouring improvements, these procedures can correct severe skin laxity and rebuild your overall figure after Ozempic treatment. 

Tummy Tuck 

A tummy tuck is a highly customizable procedure that involves the surgical removal of stubborn fat pockets from the abdomen, abdominal muscle repair, and skin-tightening procedure steps. Surgeons typically only need to make one discreet incision in the upper pubic area and a subtle incision around the navel, so you can feel confident and bathing suit-ready once fully healed. 

Breast Augmentation 

A breast augmentation may involve fat grafting/transfer or it may include the insertion of breast implants as a means of enhancing the breasts’ size and shape. Your surgeon will discuss the various details of the implant procedure with you, ensuring that you get the right information regarding implant placement, material, profile, incision method, and more. They will take into account your unique body structure and shape before recommending a specific approach to fulfilling your vision of restored, fuller breasts

Breast Lift 

A breast lift involves skin removal methods to place the breast mounds at a more elevated, youthful positioning. Surgeons will also use these techniques to simultaneously correct the placement of the areolas/nipples. Depending on the degree of sagging (ptosis) present, your surgeon will prescribe a different incision approach, discussed during your consultation. 

Thigh Lift 

As parts of the body that tend to carry a lot of fat, the thighs can experience major atrophy with weight loss. Luckily, your surgeon can target specific areas where redundant skin has accumulated. A medial thigh lift resolves sagginess within the inner thighs, a bilateral thigh lift elevates the outer and front side of the thighs, and a posterior thigh lift corrects the backside. 

Personal Consultation

During your consultation, your Austin Plastic Surgeon provider will take time to speak with you about your primary areas of concern and what kind of procedure may be best suited for you. Whether you decide on a non-surgical or surgical procedure, you will receive the same thorough care and attention. They will be sure to outline preparation steps, the recovery process, their recommended aftercare instructions, and the kind of results you can expect from your treatment. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, and they will answer with complete details. 

We invite you to call one of our Texas locations or inquire with our contact form. We cannot wait to show you the incredible benefits of a post-Ozempic transformation. 

Cost of Ozempic Face & Body Treatments in Austin 

The cost of your Ozempic face & body treatments will depend on your overall treatment plan discussed at the time of your consultation with one of our specialists. Our plastic surgery prices and medspa prices differ, but they accurately reflect the level of expertise our providers put into each treatment and ensure each patient gets a high-quality experience. To explore our other options outside of Ozempic face & body treatments, feel free to browse through our blog.


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