High Definition Liposuction

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High Definition Liposuction Austin, TX

High-definition liposuction is the art of enhancing the figure of an individual with precision liposuction. This liposculpting technique is used to enhance and define an individual’s natural muscle tone. It is most commonly used to define the abdominal muscles but can be used in various areas throughout the body. There are several degrees of definition that can be used to help each individual achieve their aesthetic results.

Total definition is the continued evolution of high-definition liposuction. Total definition utilizes the combination of high-definition liposuction with fat grafting to further define the natural muscles and physique of the human body. The use of ultrasound-guided fat transfer has allowed precise placement of the fat grafting to allow for the total definition of each muscle group. The combination of high-definition liposculpting with total definition in Austin allows precise sculpting of the body to help patients reach their aesthetic dreams.

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High-definition liposculpting is when liposuction in Austin is used to define and sculpt the body. The precise and strategic liposuction will highlight and define the natural muscular physique. This liposculpting method highlights various areas of the body to create a truly sculpted body. The most common areas that are highlighted with high-definition liposuction are the abdominal muscles, buttocks, back, and chest area. This can be tailored to each individual to help them reach their specific beauty goals. It is extremely popular in both men and women as the various levels of definition can create everything from a fit appearance to a more extreme muscular definition depending on the specific desires of the individual.

Liposuction is used in specific areas to create the natural outlines of the body’s musculature. This definition is typically called etching, as liposculpting can outline the natural muscularity of the body. The use of specific liposuction cannulas and devices such as the VASER gives us an enormous amount of control to contour the body by using a combination of techniques, such as etching and total definition with fat grafting. The etching removes fat in negative spaces (the areas where our muscles are not prominent) and total definition enhances the positive spaces (the areas where our muscles are most prominent).

Procedure Evolution

The use of ultrasound in Austin has increased the precision of high-definition liposculpting as the underlying muscles can be directly visualized. With direct visualization of the muscles, liposculpting can trace the outline of these muscles. In the past, surgeons relied on anatomical norms and palpation of the muscles which can be challenging depending on the habits of the specific person. Everyone has slight differences in their natural anatomy. Ultrasound allows the plastic surgeon to define the specific anatomy of each individual patient which decreases the risk of an unnatural appearance from the liposculpting as it will mimic the patient’s natural anatomy.

VASER in High-Definition Liposuction

VASER is an ultrasonic technology that uses acoustic sound waves to help release fat to allow your plastic surgeon more control of fat removal. VASER liposuction is a pre-treatment of the fat in areas where liposuction is going to be performed. This allows your plastic surgeon in Austin to perform high-definition liposuction, revision liposuction, or remove as much fat as possible. VASER liposuction may be used in the same areas that liposuction is performed to improve the overall results from your liposculpting.


Etching is the use of liposuction in Austin to define the natural edges of the musculature. This removes more fat in these negative spaces (areas that correlate with inscriptions or the edges of the muscles). The plastic surgeon uses various designer lipo cannulas to use the body as a canvas to create a sculpted appearance.

Etching is great for patients who have great skin tone, have a consistent weight, and have an overall healthy lifestyle. A good skin tone and limited weight swings are key to maintaining long-term results after the etching.


Not all high-definition liposculpting is the same. There is a range of liposuction and body contouring depending on what the specific beauty goals are for each patient in Austin. It also depends on the amount of skin laxity in the areas being contoured and the patient’s future life plans.

Soft (Basic) Definition

This is one of the most common types of high-definition liposculpting. The focus of soft-definition liposuction is on the vertical lines of body contouring. The concept is that the vertical edges of the rectus (abdominal) muscles are highlighted to create a fit athletic appearance. This type of definition of liposuction is the most tolerable to weight changes and changes in skin tone.

This is a great option for patients who want a fit appearance to their abdomen. It avoids artificial liposuction appearing abdomen. It also keeps people guessing about your workout routine! Soft (Basic) Definition is a great option for both men and women. Soft Definition can be used throughout the body to create subtle contours that highlight your natural athletic appearance.

Moderate Definition

This includes everything in the Soft (Basic) Definition but includes more enhancement of other muscle groups and further definition of the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles can be highlighted at their lateral edge (vertical definition). However, the rectus muscle also has transverse or horizontal inscriptions that create the typical “4 pack” or “6 pack” abdominal muscles associated with an athletic abdomen. The transverse definition further defines these individual abdominal muscles and thus leads to more definition. This concept is expanded to other muscle groups to give the patient further muscle definition.

The moderatea definition is not for everyone. It is important that patients understand that they have to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain their results. They need to have the proper skin tone so that the transverse sculpting will define the musculature for this type of procedure.

Extreme Definition

This type of definition creates a more muscular and defined appearance to the body. Extreme definition not only uses etching and lipo sculpting techniques to define a collection of muscle groups but also combines total definition fat transfer. This fat grafting allows a collection of muscle groups to be further enhanced. The synergy of defining the muscle edges with liposculpting and enhancing the muscles with fat grafting gives the patient a much more extreme muscle definition.

The extreme definition is for patients who live a healthy lifestyle and who will maintain a stable weight. It is also for patients that want a muscular athletic appearance. The extreme definition is more commonly performed in men but is also effective in women who want a more muscular physique.

How is High Definition Performed?

HD liposuction is a further refinement of the liposculpting options in Austin that have been currently available. The procedure follows the following steps to create your beautiful body:

  • Muscles are defined with an ultrasound for precision.
  • SAFE Lipo method is used, which stands for Suction Assisted Fat Equalization. This is a technique used to minimize the risk of contour deformities during liposuction.
  • A tumescent solution is placed in the areas where liposculpting is going to be performed. This decreases the blood loss from the procedure to allow for a more rapid recovery. This is combined with the first step of SAFE lipo as a special basket cannula is used to deliver the tumescent fluid.
  • VASER is used to treat the area. The acoustic treatment allows for more control when contouring the body. The VASER disrupts some of the connections in the fat to the surrounding tissues, thus it can be extracted with greater ease and allow for more sculpting.
  • Liposculpting is where the art of plastic surgery truly takes over to create the desired appearance. Variable amounts of fat are removed to highlight the natural physique of the individual. This is where the special cannulas are utilized to create the level of definition desired by the patient.
  • If HD liposuction is combined with Total Definition, then fat transfer is done to the area being accentuated. The combination of outlining the natural muscles, and then augmenting the area of the muscles with fat transfer can create an incredible transformation.
  • The final step is the completion of SAFE lipo which uses a special basket cannula without suction to complete the contouring and minimize the risk of any contour

Total Definition

Total definition in Austin is the next step in the evolution of body sculpting. High-definition liposuction was an incredible advancement in liposculpting but was limited by the definition that could be achieved by liposuction alone. Total definition uses precision fat transfer to augment and highlight muscle definition. Ultrasound-guided fat transfer allows plastic surgeons to precisely and safely place fat to augment the body and to sculpt and enhance the natural physique of the individual.

There is a specific amount of fat that is placed in each area to define a specific body part with help from the ultrasound to ensure safe and precise placement of the fat.

Total definition is more than just shaping the abdominal muscles. This can be used in a variety of areas of the body such as the abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, legs and of course the buttocks! Total definition is an option for both men and women. A version of Total definition is often referred to as the Gladiator package which includes the abdomen, chest, and shoulders to give a muscular, athletic appearance.


The combination of HD Liposuction with Total Definition can create a very defined and athletic appearance for an individual in Austin. The HD lipo will enhance the athletic shape of the individual, while the total definition will further define the specific muscle groups. This gives the patient and their plastic surgeon a range of options to create the athletic aesthetic shape.

Procedure Duration

HD Lipo with Total Definition can encompass a range of procedures in Austin as everyone’s needs and desires are slightly different. The amount of time that the procedure takes depends on the number of areas that are being treated. In general, the procedure takes about an hour for each body part to be treated. High-definition liposuction with total definition is typically done in combination with other procedures such as a Brazilian Butt Lift. High definition Liposculpting and total definition can also be done after a mommy makeover or previous Brazilian Butt Lift to further sculpt and define the body.

Gladiator Transformation?

Gladiator transformation is a term that has been used to describe the combination of high-definition liposuction in men in Austin who want extreme transformation. These patients will undergo 360 liposuction with HD lipo over several muscle groups to create an extremely muscular appearance. This is also combined with Total Definition of the abdomen, chest, and shoulders. The fat transfer to the abdomen, chest, and shoulders in these areas when combined with the HD lipo can create an extremely athletic and muscular appearance for an individual.

High-definition liposculpting and Total Definition in Combination with Other Procedures

High Definition Liposculpting and Total Definition can be done alone or in combination with other procedures such as Brazilian Butt LiftTummy Tucks, or other body contouring procedures. It is most commonly done in combination with other procedures such as a Brazilian Butt Lift or a Gladiator transformation.

Can High-Definition Liposuction and Total Definition be Combined with Renuvion or BodyTite?

Skin tightening procedures in Austin are often combined with High Definition liposculpting and Total Definition as the body will be more sculpted and defined the tighter the skin is after the procedure. Skin quality is key to creating a definition with HD Lipo. Skin laxity can be a contraindication to HD lipo as the skin will not maintain the shape and contours that have been defined. Renuvion and BodyTite, which use radiofrequency energy to help tighten the skin, are encouraged in any patient with some skin laxity wanting to enhance their overall appearance.

Total Definition is slightly more tolerable to skin laxity as the fat can be used to shape and define the muscles to a degree. If there is too much laxity, it will be hard to appreciate the muscles that have been enhanced and defined.

Some patients that have too much skin laxity, and are not candidates for Renuvion or BodyTite, may need a tummy tuck, or other excisional procedure to have a staged high-definition procedure.

Ideal Candidate

There are several groups of patients in Austin that are great candidates for HD lipo and Total Definition.

  • Patients that have good skin tone and a stable weight.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Patients – Most of our patients that undergo a BBL want to improve their overall shape. The process of HD liposculpting improves the 360 contouring of the patient. They will look fabulous coming and going.
  • Past Brazilian Butt Lift Patients – Patients that have already had a BBL are great candidates as they may have not achieved the results they desired. They may want a round 2 BBL and want to create a more athletic appearance to their abdomen.
  • Patients who want an athletic appearance after their liposculpting procedure. We often have patients who don’t want a “fake lipo” appearance on their abdomen. HD Lipo can create an athletic aesthetic abdomen.
  • Men who want a more sculpted and muscular appearance to their entire body.
  • You are in good physical and emotional health.
  • Patients who understand weight changes can affect the long-term results of their HD lipo and Total Definition.
  • You have realistic expectations of the results possible with HD lipo and total definition as it will enhance your overall physique and create a sculpted athletic figure, but a patient needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain these results.


Patients will present for their evaluation where they will meet one of our surgeons (Dr. Franco, Dr. Weinfeld, or Dr. Arredondo). A medical history and physical exam will be done by your surgeon and his staff to determine the best treatment for you.

Your surgeon will discuss the benefits of high-definition liposculpting and total definition for the treatment of body sculpting. During the consultation, your surgeon will also determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. The Austin Plastic Surgeon team will also discuss if other treatments in Austin in combination with HD Lipo and Total Definition would be a benefit for you. The risks and benefits of the procedure will also be discussed during your consultation.

Procedure Details

The procedure is performed at the surgery center under general anesthesia after your consultation. High Definition Liposculpting and Total Definition is a single treatment in Austin that can be done in isolation, or in combination with a Brazilian Butt Lift, Mommy Makeover, and other procedures.

The procedure time varies depending on the number of areas that are being sculpted during the surgery. Patients can typically return to work in a week and a half after the procedure. After the treatment patients can have some bruising and swelling and discomfort.


Reaching your aesthetic goals is possible through High-Definition Liposuction with Total Definition in Austin. Our team can create a custom treatment plan that combines this procedure with others to fully achieve your body goals. Call now to discuss your need with one of our surgeons.