Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift Austin, TX

Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of butt augmentation. The body sculpting procedure trims the fat from an area you don’t want it and moves it to an area you do want it. BBL – as it is called – does much more than place the fat in the butt cheeks. Our surgeons sculpt the fat so that the overall shape and contour of the buttocks look outstanding. If you have always wanted an hourglass figure and a shapely booty, then a Brazilian Butt Lift in Austin may be right for you. To learn more, please call.

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Ideal Candidates

This cosmetic procedure is ideal for addressing:

  • Flat buttocks
  • Square buttocks shape
  • Buttocks that lack fullness and volume
  • A butt that doesn’t give you the curves you want

Our assessment of your candidacy includes ensuring you are in good overall health to undergo the procedure. You will need to be right at or very near your ideal body weight. He will make sure you have expectations that align with what the BBL surgery in Austin provides, and that there is enough excess fat to harvest and transfer.


The basic steps in the procedure are as follows:

  • Remove excess fat from a selected area with liposuction
  • Process the fat to isolate fat cells
  • Inject precisely into select areas of the buttocks
  • Shape and sculpt to create an ideal contour

Our surgeons take care to also narrow the waist for a full transformation to an hourglass figure.

Soreness following a BBL surgery in Austin is normal. Most patients do not experience a lot of post-operative pain. The trickiest part of recovery is that you cannot sit for two weeks following the procedure. It is essential to the survival and the placement of the fat to stay off your derriere. When you lay down, lay on your side or stomach, not on your back. The majority of patients return to work after one to two weeks. You’ll wear a compression garment for six weeks.

BBL vs. Butt Implants

The only way to compare these procedures is with the guidance of our team. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and our surgeons will want to help you choose the right one for your body and your goals.

BBL is typically our Austin treatment of choice, as long as the patient has a square butt shape and enough fat to transfer. BBL uses natural fatty tissue, not artificial devices. It provides beautiful results while trimming the waist and creating an hourglass figure.

Having said that, other patients benefit from butt implants alone, or butt implants complemented by fat transfer. Butt implants are a great option for patients who are too thin for fat transfer alone. If patients have a BMI less than 22, they will typically need implants or a combination of implants and fat transfer.

The combination of butt implants and BBL can give patients the best of both worlds. They can have the benefit of having their waist shaped from the liposuction, the projection of butt implants and then fat transferred to the hips area and around the implant to soften the feel of the butt implants.


Brazilian Butt Lift is experiencing significant demand in Austin. It is wildly popular, but is it right for you? One of the complications you may have read about in relation to this procedure is fat embolism, in which fat enters the bloodstream. The following helps prevent fat embolism:

  • Fat must be injected into the subcutaneous layer (the fatty tissue), not the muscle
  • Large cannulas should be used to reduce the risk of penetrating a blood vessel

Our team has skilled plastic surgeons with extensive training and experience. We perform a large volume of BBL surgeries as a routine part of our practice. We adhere to all guidelines and standards. Our team will make sure you are fully informed of all of the risks and that you know what we do to reduce those risks.


Like any body contouring surgery in Austin, BBL carries the possibility of risks and necessary touch-ups. A common reason people come to our practice for butt lift revision is that they’ve gone to a facility that is unfamiliar/inexperienced in BBL and wound up with poor results. For the majority of patients, poor results can be improved. You will need to wait about 6 months after the initial procedure so that everything has healed and had a chance to finalize. The revision may consist of another round of fat transfer, assuming there is enough existing fat for liposuction. If there is not enough fat, butt implants may be recommended.


Please see our pricing page to see the Austin pricing levels for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

The BBL cost varies by individual procedure. The amount of fat removed and other factors have an influence. You receive the cost estimate at the time of your procedure. BBL is not covered by insurance.


Ready to take the next step in the process? To schedule a consultation to determine your Brazilian Butt Lift in Austin candidacy, please call the staff at Austin Plastic Surgeon. We look forward to arranging your consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons.


Where is the Fat Taken From?

It depends on the person, but fat for transfer may be harvested from the waist, abdomen, thighs, back, or other areas where there is excess.

What is a Thong Lift?

Thong Lift is a skin-tightening procedure that can be performed on its own or in addition to the fat transfer that occurs during BBL. The Thong Lift addresses a sagging butt that has excess skin by lifting the skin and removing the excess. It is often well-suited to people whose buttocks have begun to sag because of aging or significant weight loss. Unlike a traditional butt lift, the Thong Lift raises the skin vertically and conceals the incision in the cleft of the butt cheeks. It does not leave a long horizontal scar or flatten the butt the way a traditional butt lift sometimes does.

A Thong Lift is an outpatient procedure, so you will be able to return home the same day. It is performed under general anesthesia, so someone will need to drive you home and stay with you.

What Can I Do to Get a More Rounded Butt?

This is a very common question as patients may have a good posterior buttock, but have an indent or lack of fullness laterally in the hip area. When this is the case, patients typically are not looking for a larger butt, just a more round, full buttock.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the perfect procedure for this type of augmentation in Austin as the enhancement can be tailored to each patient. The procedure starts by sculpting the patient with liposuction. The fat that is harvested from the liposuction can then be processed so that only the best fat is used for the augmentation.

Once the fat has been processed, it is now ready to be transferred to the buttock or hip area. The fat can be placed precisely in the areas that need enhancement. This can be the hip or lateral buttock area, the entire buttock, or both depending on the individual needs. Also, the amount that is transferred can be tailored to the aesthetic goals of each patient.

Should I get BBL or Liposuction Alone?

This question is becoming more and more common as the Brazilian Butt Lift has gained popularity over the past several years. We will sometimes have patients who are scheduled for a liposuction consult, and then at the very end of the discussion, they ask about transferring some of the fat to their buttocks rather than throwing it away!

Liposuction alone can be a great tool for body sculpting, especially for targeted areas. This can be used to remove the excess fat and shape the waist or back. Liposuction is great for removing the love handles around the waist or the rolls that are created under the bra strap. Removing the fat from these areas is what shapes the waist and contributes to improving the overall figure. One of the big benefits of liposuction alone is that the recovery is fast. Many patients will be back to work in several days with limited restrictions.

The added benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift is the bonus shaping that you get after the liposculpting treatment is finished.

Does Brazilian Butt Lift Get Rid of Cellulite?

BBL does not treat or reduce cellulite, which is caused by fibrous bands of tissue that create dimples in the skin. A non-surgical treatment like Cellfina addresses cellulite at its origin, and it can often be timed in coordination with your Brazilian Butt Lift.

Can You Get BBL Even if You Have Already Had Butt Implants?

As long as you have excess fat to harvest, a fat transfer can be performed even if you’ve had butt implants. BBL will provide additional volume and shaping.