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Brazilian Butt Lift Austin, TX

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a body contouring procedure that sculpts the waist while augmenting the buttock. The surgeon collects excess fat (liposculpting) from other areas of the body and moves it to the buttocks, improving overall contour and volume. The BBL can promote more shapely, aesthetically pleasing buttocks that promote an hourglass figure since many patients can sculpt the abdominal region at the same time. The process also utilizes living tissue- your fat cells- to create the exact amount of roundness and projection you would like to have for your modern BBL. The Brazilian Butt Lift has become so popular as it can create an athletic, rejuvenated appearing buttock. The result feels and looks natural and can create permanent enhancements, given that you work to maintain a stable weight over time. 

Before and After Photos

At Austin Plastic Surgeon, we perform our BBLs with the most precise methods and knowledge of the latest techniques. Our BBL specialists, Dr. Johnny Franco, Dr. Sean Arredond, and Dr. Adam Weinfeld are award-winning surgeons with active involvement in several surgical organizations, working to continually refine their skills and provide exceptional care to each of their patients. If you have always wanted an hourglass figure and a shapely booty, then a BBL in Austin may be right for you. To learn more, get in contact with one of our Texas locations or use our contact form. Our staff will happily guide you through the next steps toward attaining the body and confidence you desire.

About Fat Transfer to the Buttocks

The BBL is a liposuction-based procedure, so surgeons only need to make an incision that is a fraction of an inch to access the subcutaneous layer with a cannula. This tube-like instrument uses suction force to collect the fat in the least invasive way possible. Liposculpting at Austin Plastic Surgeon uses a strategic combination of artistry and technology to sculpt the body in addition to enhancing the buttocks. Energy devices such as VASER, Renuvion, and Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) are typically used to sculpt and shape the abdomen and waist. The use of these technologies allows the surgeons of Austin Plastic Surgeon to create a sculpted-appearing body that flows seamlessly with the enhanced buttock. Butt augmentation can be combined with high-definition liposuction to give your entire body a fit and fabulous appearance.

After collecting enough fat, the surgeon will use precision processing to prepare the fat for buttock enhancement and make strategic injections into the buttock regions to provide immediate volumizing effects. The surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon utilize ultrasound to maximize the safety and aesthetics of the Brazilian Butt Lift. This type of surgical augmentation is called fat grafting/fat transfer since many of these transferred cells will continue to grow and thrive in their new location. The BBL is arguably the most popular type of fat transfer procedure with the rate of these procedures rising about 61% from 2014 to 2018, according to two American surgical organizations. (1)

Surgeons can further improve the procedure with newer methods like VASER high-definition liposuction, a type of liposuction that can create a more toned, muscular appearance in the area of fat collection. With this technique, they apply a type of acoustic energy called ultrasound to the fat layer to efficiently break apart the bonds between fat cells. As a result, the fat separates more easily from its surrounding tissues, and the cannula causes less damage. Using this technology also reduces patient downtime and minimizes post-operative bruising.

Finally, with the BBL, surgeons most often harvest fat from the abdomen, but other popular locations include the back, love handles, arms, and thighs. With this versatile aspect of the procedure, patients can request to sculpt any area of the body that is resistant to diet and exercise. So long as there is an area of “pinchable” fat, it is considered viable for liposculpting. 

How Safe Are BBLs?

Due to its dramatic rise in popularity, many prospective patients bring up valid questions on the safety of the BBL. Luckily, surgeons and researchers continue to improve the procedure’s safety profile with techniques proven to reduce complications. In 2017, the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation published guidelines for surgeons, including recommendations on cannula size, the speed at which to remove the fat, and the precise angle at which they must use the cannula. They also provided information on how to stay within the optimal tissue plane and specific locations to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Dr. Franco prides himself on keeping up with the most recent research to promote optimal patient safety and long-lasting results. Dr. Franco teaches at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons to educate plastic surgeons from around the world on the most modern and safe methods of Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures.

Technological advances such as ultrasound have increased the safety of BBL surgeries. The ultrasound allows plastic surgeons to be able to visualize the layers of the buttock in real-time. This direct visualization allows the plastic surgeon to visualize the superficial and deep fat layer of the buttock for precision placement of the fat during the BBL. It also allows the surgeon to visualize the muscles of the buttock to avoid fat transfer below the fascia of the muscle. This technology has allowed Brazilian Butt Lift procedures to become extremely safe and precise.

Candidates for a BBL

The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are healthy individuals who want to correct flat or square-shaped buttocks and frame. Some patients want to create the butt they never had while others just want to restore the volume they lost during their weight loss journey. The surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon assess each prospective patient’s health status by reviewing their medical history and list of current medications and supplements. In general, patients should have all medical conditions well managed and no conditions that affect blood-clotting abilities. Candidates should also be close to their ideal body weight since the procedure requires collecting fat from a readily available deposit on the body. 

Personal Consultation

During your consultation at Austin Plastic Surgeon with one of our BBL Specialists (Dr. Johnny Franco, Dr. Sean Arredondo, or Dr. Adam Weinfeld), they will ask about your unique goals for the BBL and get an idea of the exact proportions you would like to achieve. The consultation is to establish a comprehensive plan for your total body transformation that will enhance your buttocks, shape your waist, and treat your cellulite if necessary. After assessing your candidacy, they will evaluate possible areas of fat collection and the contours of your buttock tissues. They will also go over the necessary steps for preparation, the procedure process itself, and the recovery you can expect to undergo. They may go over the various risks and benefits of the procedure, ensuring that you make a well-informed decision that you feel comfortable with.

To get this comprehensive evaluation at one of our practices, inquire with our contact form or get in touch by calling one of our office locations in Texas. We will guide you through the process of attaining your vision of an ideal hourglass body from consultation to your final stage of recovery.

BBL vs. Butt Implants vs Butt Lift with Autoaugmentation

The only way to compare these procedures is with the guidance of our team. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and the team at Austin Plastic Surgeon will want to help you choose the right one for your body and your goals. BBL is the most common treatment, as it allows for total body transformation and natural augmentation, so long as you have enough fat to transfer. Depending on your body shape, you may benefit from butt implants alone, or butt implants complemented by fat transfer.

Butt implants are a great option if you are too thin for fat transfer alone. If you have a BMI of less than 22, you will likely need implants or a combination of implants and fat transfer. For patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, they can lose volume in their buttocks and have ptosis (sagging) of the buttocks. A butt lift with autoaugmentation lifts the butt by removing the excess skin and then, using specialized propeller perforator flaps, the buttock can be augmented with tissue that is going to be removed for the buttock lift.

The combination of butt implants and BBL can give you the best of both worlds. You can trim and shape the waist to create a more contoured shape due to the liposuction and benefit from the added projection of butt implants. The fat transfer aspect of the procedure can accentuate the hip dip areas and all areas around the implant for softer, fuller curvature.

Procedure Steps

The entire BBL procedure takes place over 2 to 4 hours, depending on how much augmentation is required to achieve your desired fullness. After the anesthesia team administers general anesthesia, your surgeon will continue by performing the BBL with these basic steps:


The BBL begins with liposculpting and fat harvesting. The surgeon makes small incisions in the donor area of about 1 centimeter and uses specialized cannulas to inject tumescent fluid, a substance that helps minimize blood loss and make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the patient. This solution will also constrict blood vessels to prevent unwanted bleeding and adequately numb the area. When this fluid settles in, the surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon will use a different cannula to collect the fat via suction. The beauty of the Brazilian Butt Lift is that the fat harvest is more than just collecting fat. It is sculpting the waist, as this shaping will enhance the final shape of the buttock. This liposculpting can also be used to create high definition of the abdomen. This sculpting of the abdomen creates a total body transformation and is one of the reasons why the Brazilian Butt Lift has become so popular.


The surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon will utilize precision processing techniques to purify the collected fat. For this process, they will prepare the fat for transfer and sculpting. Processing this fat ensures that only the best fat is used to sculpt the buttock and hip dips. This processing separates the fat into distinct layers of blood, oil, and viable fat. (2) The surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon will then isolate the fat cells required for augmentation of the buttock.

Fat Transfer

The surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon will prepare the fat before performing ultrasound-guided injections into the buttocks to form aesthetically pleasing contours. They will distribute the fat in precise locations guided by the ultrasound to lift and shape the buttock. This precision placement allows your surgeon to create an athletic-appearing buttock. This unique method ensures that it spreads evenly throughout and looks like naturally-developed volume in the buttock. The ultrasound allows the plastic surgeon to avoid deep intramuscular injections to avoid complications and make the BBL as safe as possible. The amount of fat needed to enhance the buttock ranges greatly depending on the specific needs of each patient ranging from 250 to 1200 ml of fat for each buttock. (1) 

Recovery and Results

Soreness following a BBL surgery is normal, but you will not experience a lot of postoperative pain. It is essential to the survival and the placement of the fat to stay off your butt for at least 6 weeks following the procedure. When you lie down, you should be mindful of lying on your stomach, not your back, which can place pressure on the buttocks. You will likely be able to return to work after just 1 to 2 weeks, but you should avoid strenuous workouts until your surgeon gives you clearance. Light walks, however, will promote quality blood circulation and help the tissues heal properly. Your surgeon will provide a compression garment to wear for 6 weeks to mitigate swelling and allow the skin to adapt to the newly formed contours.

Although you will notice immediate results after getting through the initial healing phase with compression garment use, your final, permanent results will not settle for at least a few months. This is because a small amount of fat cells will not survive the transfer within the first weeks of recovery. The surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgeon will take this into account when performing the procedure tailored to your needs.

Cost of a BBL in Austin

The cost of your Brazilian butt lift will depend on general anesthesia fees, any prescriptions required, the extent of the procedure itself, follow-up appointments, and other related surgical fees involved. The team at Austin Plastic Surgeon will discuss these cost factors with you and provide you with a total estimate during your consultation. To find out more about the average for each procedure we offer at our practices, visit our plastic surgery pricing page. You can also browse through our blog to better familiarize yourself with our services.

To begin your body sculpting journey with the BBL or another minimally invasive approach, fill out our online form or visit one of our locations closest to you. We cannot wait to show you the incredible results you can expect from this advanced fat grafting procedure.


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