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EMSCULPT is the first and only non-invasive, FDA approved device available that builds muscle in men and women! Beyond stimulating rapid muscle growth, EMSCULPT also permanently kills fat. This revolutionary, industry changing non-surgical treatment specifically targets the glutes, abdomen, and thighs. One of its signature benefits is providing a true, non-surgical butt-lift! Whether you want to tone the abs, build and lift the glutes, or sculpt the thighs, EMSCULPT is your solution!

How Does EMSCULPT work?

EMSCULPT uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology that stimulates complete muscle contraction. Exercise alone only activates 20-25% of muscle fibers, whereas EMSCULPT unlocks 100% capability! These “supramaximal” contractions lead to rapid and long lasting muscle mass development.

How Soon Will I See Improvements After My Treatment with EMSCULPT?

Results from EMSCULPT treatments in Austin take only one month after the last treatment to actualize! No downtime or pain at any time. Improvements will continue as the muscle fibers grow, and fat is killed.

How Long do Results Last After an EMSCULPT Treatment?

EMSCULPT has recently proven that the 19% muscle growth created lasts at least one-year post treatment! This truly defies all preconceived notion of muscle anatomy. Furthermore, the fat is permanently killed at over 20%. However, because of the incredible results, many patients opt for further monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly enhancement procedures.

Is EMSCULPT Invasive?

Austin EMSCULPT is completely non-invasive. There is not even any gel or topicals used! Patients can come in at any time, and completely resume their daily activities.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In over 65,000 EMSCULPT procedures performed nationally, ZERO adverse cases have been reported. This a byproduct of seven years of research by over 300 engineers!

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

EMSCULPT is broken down into four, 30-minute treatments in Austin. This is accomplished over a two-week time period. Enhancement procedures are encouraged two months following the initial treatments.

Will I Need to Take Time Off Work When I do My EMSCULPT Treatments?

Patients in Austin can experience some limited, initial soreness (like a gym workout) after an EMSCULPT treatment, but that fades quickly. Patients can return to work immediately following their treatment.

How Much Does the EMSCULPT Treatment Cost?

The treatments vary in cost. Please call our office for specific pricing options! We offer competitive EMSCULPT rates, and a variety of packages!

Does EMSCULPT Build Muscle or Remove Fat?

EMSCULPT is the first FDA cleared medical device specifically designed to enhance muscle. In the past there have been several devices developed that are used to remove fat (such as CoolSculpting) which are great, but we have not been able to target muscle specifically until now. The EMSCULPT is way for individuals to target specific muscle groups such as the gluteal muscle.

The EMSCULPT currently has two protocols, one that targets only muscle growth and the other that targets muscle growth and fat reduction. The specific protocol is determined on the area that is being treated.

For example, when treating the butt with EMSCULPT it is typically set on protocol two which only targets muscle enhancement and not fat reduction. This is going to improve the tone and eventually could lead to increase in the size of the buttock.

When treating other areas such as the abdomen, the EMSCULPT is placed on protocol one which leads to fat reduction and muscle enhancement. The idea in this area is to remove excess fat around the abdominal area in stimulate the abdominal muscle during the treatment.

The EMSCULPT is designed specifically for muscle enhancement but can be used for some fat reduction depending on the specific settings. This versatility is great as every treatment can be tailored to the individual patients.

The EMSCULPT in muscle building mode is perfect for our patients that have had a Brazilian Butt Lift as many of them want to continue to enhance their buttock, but don’t want to lose any of the fat they have had transferred.

Consult with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon so that they can help design an EMSCULPT treatment plan in Austin that is best for your specific aesthetic goals.

Am I a Good Candidate for EMSCULPT?

Anyone can benefit from the EMSCULPT procedure. The procedure can target a variety of areas such as the buttock, abdomen, arms and beyond. The EMSCULPT is uniquely designed for patients that want to build muscle.

Build Muscle with EMSCULPT® in Austin

Your desired look is possible with EMSCULPT® in Austin. You can build and define your muscles with a non-invasive treatment. Contact our office now to learn more about this procedure.