Breast Augmentation Preparation

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Breast Augmentation Preparation Austin, TX

Women desire breast augmentation for various reasons. They could have deflated breasts after breastfeeding, they might have lost weight, or they might just have small breasts due to genetics and want to increase the size. Some might want more cleavage or to change the way they look in their clothes or their swimsuit.

No matter what the reason you desire breast enhancement, our team can help you get ready for your procedure. This process comes with several decisions that our experienced surgeons can guide you through. Preparing for a breast augmentation in Austin can be overwhelming, but we here at Austin Plastic Surgeon are here to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Implant Size

Spending time deciding on the implant size is important. Our team makes clear expectations based on our patients’ goals. We ask them to come with wish photos based on the size and shape they want, ensuring the vision they have in mind is the same or close to what we can achieve for them. You will try on multiple implant sizers during your pre-op appointment to determine which size most suits your body and aesthetic desires. We also measure to make sure the implants fit your body frame. This process before breast augmentation surgery leads to patients in Austin who are happy with their results. Ensuring a person is happy with the size and shape of the implants is an important first step in your surgical process.

Implant Placement

A surgeon can place an implant in several different places. A submuscular augmentation puts it underneath the pectoralis muscle, sub-glandular is above the pectoralis muscle, and subfascial is underneath the fascia of the pectoralis muscle, but still above the muscle. Our surgeons use the implant brand Sientra most often. We occasionally use Allergan implants.

Considering your lifestyle is crucial for surgical planning. If someone regularly does CrossFit or heavy-duty weightlifting, we oftentimes recommend going over the muscle or sub-glandular. This ensures they do not have complications in the future like animation deformity, which is a motion deformity characterized by breast implant movement with pectoralis contraction.

Sometimes we place the implant over the muscle to correct nipple sagging. There are many factors we consider when planning the operation. Our surgeons in Austin can help you determine the best location for your implant based on your goals for your breast augmentation.


There is a large range of breast augmentation costs. Augmentation can vary from $5,500.00 to about $11,500.00, depending on several factors. The type of implants used can affect the cost. Many of our surgeons use an internal bra. This is a soft tissue support that goes inside of the breast and also affects the cost.

A breast lift or nipple repositioning in addition to the augmentation changes the cost. Our team in Austin can further discuss elements that can alter the cost of breast augmentation while preparing for your procedure.


Our team guides people through the process from start to finish. Our surgeons and staff ensure a safe and smooth procedure. We will help you understand what to expect pre and post-surgery, how to prepare for your breast augmentation surgery, and best practices to ensure long-lasting beautiful results from your procedure. Reach out to our office today to discuss preparing for a breast augmentation in Austin.