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Body Procedures San Antonio, TX

Body sculpting can reshape and tighten the contours of your body to achieve your desired figure. Body sculpting also has the aesthetic benefits of eliminating extra skin and fat and reducing the look of cellulite, making it a popular choice for enhancing your body.

People who have not attained their desired look through diet and exercise often choose body sculpting in San Antonio. Our surgeons can perform this procedure on the arms, back, belly, love handles, butt, neck, chin, and thighs to reduce those stubborn extra inches. Many people combine body sculpting with other plastic surgery treatments for optimal results.

Procedure Types

Depending on the procedure, body sculpting can be surgical or non-surgical. Surgical body contouring includes lifts and tucks, such as facelifts, tummy tucksbreast liftsBBLs (Brazilian Butt Lift), and double chin surgery. Liposuction is another common surgical body contouring procedure that removes fat cells. It is a popular choice for stubborn areas that carry unwanted fat, such as the stomach, thighs, and butt. Liposculpting is extremely popular as it can not only remove excess fat, but it sculpts the body. It is even possible to combine several procedures into one mommy makeover treatment for a total body transformation.

Surgical body sculpting treatments are more invasive but can typically address issues such as skin laxity and rectus diastasis. Recovery time varies from weeks to months, depending on the type of procedure. The risks with surgical procedures are typically higher than those of non-surgical procedures, but they offer more immediate results.

Non-surgical body contouring works by physically or chemically destroying fat cells – also known as lipolysis. Specialists can do this with a variety of treatment methods depending on the location and amount of fat needed to be removed. One popular non-invasive method is cool sculpting, however newer lasers have been developed to treat fat non-invasively such as EON. Injection lipolysis uses a strong chemical acid cocktail to eliminate fat cells chemically. Other forms of lipolysis apply lasers or ultrasound waves to physically target and destroy unwanted fat cells. These procedures result in smoother skin, less undesirable fat, and the stimulation of collagen production, which makes skin look toned and youthful.

These procedures are relatively fast (a single session may take up to an hour), but you typically need several sessions to achieve your desired results. As these procedures tend to be non-invasive and low-risk, you can return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. Our San Antonio team can create a body sculpting plan with the right treatments for your goals.


Before deciding on a body contouring procedure, you will meet with one of our surgeons who will discuss your options and aesthetic goals. During this meeting, you will confirm your medical history, desired goals, medications or nutritional supplements, and use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. You may be required to stop taking certain medications or make other lifestyle changes to ensure your procedure goes smoothly.

Our team will discuss your options, treatment process, and recovery. We will address any of the concerns you may have with a body contouring treatment and ensure we work with you to help you achieve your goals. Our surgeons in San Antonio are experienced in preparing patients for their body sculpting treatment.


Our surgeons combine our expert knowledge of aesthetics and anatomy with meticulous medical and surgical techniques to bring the best service to our patients. We are dedicated to giving people the look of their dreams with body sculpting in San Antonio. Our office specializes in various cosmetic and surgical procedures designed to help you look and feel your best. Book a consultation today to discuss your aesthetic goals and a custom treatment plan.