Thong Lift

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Thong Lift San Antonio, TX

Many people approach our office wanting to tone, firm, and contour their buttocks. The thong lift is a unique lift that places an incision centrally in the buttocks. It aims to strategically lift and contour the buttocks by removing excess skin to help improve shape and definition.

Our clinic has some of the top plastic surgeons in the country. Each of our surgeons is highly trained and qualified in the art of body sculpting surgery and demonstrates mastery over advanced and cutting-edge techniques. If you want to learn more about the thong lift in San Antonio or book a consultation with our expert medical team, give us a call today.


The thong lift gets its name from the area it treats and the incision pattern. By focusing on this particular area, we can remove excess skin, enhancing contour and definition.

Benefits of a Thong Lift

The thong lift offers numerous benefits to a person, including:

  • Lifting, rounding out, and defining the shape and contour of the buttocks
  • Enhancing the volume of the buttocks
  • Treating skin laxity, and sagginess
  • Eliminating excess volume from undesirable areas, such as the flanks and saddlebags
  • Natural-looking results

Our medical team in San Antonio can discuss the benefits and process of a thong lift.

Combination Procedures for A Full Body Transformation

Many people request a thong lift as part of a complete body transformation. Often, a person wants to restore several aspects of their body at once. If you are considering multiple procedures, it is usually safer, healthier, and more economical to combine them. You can discuss combining your thong lift with one or more of our other treatments with our team. Together, we can design a full-body transformation to help you achieve your dream body.

Procedure Details

An initial consultation with our team will determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. Our surgeons will establish your suitability for the thong lift and design the ideal surgical strategy for your procedure.

The most important aspect of the thong lift is understanding how to optimize the design and incision placement to achieve optimal results. This is why selecting a plastic surgeon based on their ability, medical expertise, and aesthetic skill is critically important.

At our San Antonio office, we employ cutting-edge techniques to help you achieve the perfect thong lift:

Gull Wing Incision

Your surgeon removes a portion of the skin and fatty tissue in the triangular thong area and the central portion of the buttocks. This procedure results in an optical enhancement. The outer and lower aspect of the butt will look fuller and rounder due to the removal of excess skin.


To ensure an optimal recovery following your thong lift, here are some general guidelines that we advise to all of our San Antonio patients:

  • Ensure you have a ride home following your procedure
  • Ensure you take at least two weeks of rest and relaxation
  • Care for your body with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle
  • Follow all preoperative and post-operative procedures advised by our medical team
  • Attend any follow-up appointments as needed

During your initial consultation, our medical team will provide you with a list of personalized directions to help you experience a smooth procedure and recovery.


Our patients visit our office time and time again because our medical team includes the best plastic surgeons in the industry. We believe in providing expert yet compassionate care–your safety and wellness will always be at the forefront.

If you are looking to revitalize your buttocks and achieve a voluptuous, hourglass, shapely figure, turn to our team. We can answer all your questions and concerns. For more information about a thong lift in San Antonio, contact our office today.