What is Breast Implant Sickness?

Breast implant sickness is a difficult topic, but of interest/concerns to patients with breast implant or in individuals considering undergoing a breast augmentation. Breast implant sickness has been described as a collection of symptoms that range in severity. The symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, weakness, body and joint aches among others. Currently …

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Tummy Tuck Austin

The Tummy Tuck procedure, also called Abdominoplasty, provides unparalleled results that significantly enhance the appearance of the mid-section. The Tummy Tuck is performed through an incision that runs along the lower abdomen from to hip to hip, removing excess sagging skin, stubborn fat, and excess tissue. Through these measures, it tightens a protruding, sagging abdomen …

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Rhinoplasty Austin

Rhinoplasty, also called Nose Surgery or a “Nose Job,” is a popular procedure performed to improve the appearance, and sometimes the function, of the nose. As the central figure of our faces, the nose can make a big impact on our perceived overall facial harmony and balance (or lack thereof). Some common complaints we hear …

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Otoplasty Austin

Otoplasty is an ear surgery procedure that is performed to correct the appearance of ears that are overly prominent. Ears that stick out from the side of the head or are overly large can often make kids the target of unnecessary teasing that can leave lasting impacts on the self-esteem. Otoplasty incisions are made within …

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Liposuction Austin

Liposuction is a popular body-contouring procedure performed to help both men and women reduce stubborn pockets of fat in a specified area. Most of us struggle with that one area of our body that is often the first place we put on weight and last place we lose it. Sometimes no matter how stringent our …

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Brow Lift Austin

Today there are a number of options available for those seeking facial rejuvenation at any stage of the aging process, and at most any age. There are non-invasive, non-surgical, and surgical options and the right option for each patient depends on a number of factors that your plastic surgeon will help you navigate. Less invasive …

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What is Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation?

Plastic surgery continues to evolve as technology continues to improve and this leads to increasing effectiveness and overall treatment options for patients. One new frontier in plastic surgery is skin tightening, while this is not new, there are some significant advancements that have been made that have led to improved treatments for patients. One of …

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Can Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation be Combined with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries continue to be one of the most popular procedures in America. This popularity comes from the total body transformation that can be achieved from liposculpting and fat transfer. Fat is removed from the areas where we don’t want it and placed in areas such as the butt and hips that will …

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Breast Implant Revision, Treatment for Bottoming Out?

It is uncommon for patients to have issues after their breast augmentation, but unfortunately it does occasionally happen. Bottoming out of the implant is when the implant drops bellow the natural fold of the breast. This can cause asymmetry and a “double bubble deformity” where it appears that the implant has a crease in the …

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