Is Loose Skin Ruining the Appearance of Your Thighs?

Do you feel uncomfortable in certain outfits because of the appearance of your thighs? If the problem is simply excess thigh fat, procedures like liposuction can easily restore the sleek and sexy appearance of your thighs. But liposuction cannot fully correct the issue if there is also noticeable skin sagging in the area.

If your thighs are plagued by loose skin, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco can restore the toned and attractive appearance of your thighs with a thigh lift. Dr. Franco will surgically excise the loose skin in the area using several well-hidden incisions. The remaining skin will be tightly pulled over the muscles of the thighs to improve definition and to create a smooth surface.

If you want to feel more comfortable with the appearance of your thighs, contact More Beautiful You Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for your thigh lift procedure. Dr. Franco will carefully inspect the aesthetic condition of your thighs so that he can provide you with your ideal results.

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