Enhancing the Size and Shape of Your Butt with a Brazilian Butt Lift

The key to an attractive figure is balance. The proportions of your body should complement one another, and having smooth and sexy contours in both your lower and upper body helps to create a balanced and curvaceous figure that looks good inside and outside of clothing.

It can be difficult to achieve an attractive figure if your buttocks is too small and lacks a round and full shape. Fortunately, you can enhance both the size and shape of your buttocks by undergoing a Brazilian butt lift.

The procedure uses fat harvested from another area of your own body to increase the size of your buttocks. The fat is injected into several precisely plotted areas of the buttocks, and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco will focus on sculpting a more attractive shape by carefully controlling the amount of fat being injected.

If you want a bigger and more attractive buttocks that will bring balance to your figure, contact More Beautiful You Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for your Brazilian butt lift.

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