Breast Revision

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Breast Revision San Antonio, TX

If you are feeling discomfort with your breast implant, you may want to consider an evaluation with one of our plastic surgeons to evaluate you for a possible breast revision in San Antonio. Breast revision surgery removes, replaces, and corrects the position of an existing breast implant. We typically recommend this breast procedure for clients who want to remove, replace, enhance, or adjust their current breast implants.

Our plastic surgeons are highly experienced with breast surgeries of all kinds, including revisions. For more information and to discover how a breast revision can be right for you, contact our clinic today.


Our patients in San Antonio desire or require a breast implant revision procedure for several reasons, including breast implant malposition or displacement, breast implant rupture, capsular contracture, or the presence of rippling. Finally, the choice to undergo a breast revision procedure may be cosmetic in nature–perhaps you want a new look. No matter what your reason is, our clinic can help.


Your transformation begins with an initial consultation with our expert medical team. Our plastic surgeons will review your medical history and establish the next steps for correcting your concerns.

To ensure a smooth procedure and an optimal recovery, our team may advise you to:

  • Temporarily stop smoking
  • Temporarily stop drinking
  • Temporarily stop using recreational drugs
  • Temporarily stop using certain medications, such as blood thinners
  • Follow a healthy, balanced diet
  • Engage in an active lifestyle

Our team will devise the ideal surgical strategy during the initial consultation to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and desires. Our medical team will review the procedure in its entirety with you. This is the ideal time to ask questions or raise any concerns. We will also provide you with specialized recommendations to ensure a safe and pleasant procedure and recovery period.


Your surgeon will conduct this surgery under anesthesia and according to the surgical strategy prepared for you during your consultation and pre-operative evaluation.

We advise you to have a trusted friend or family member drive you home following your procedure, as you cannot drive yourself.

Downtime, Rest, and Recovery

You should enjoy a period of recovery for the first two weeks (or as directed by your surgeon). During a period of six weeks, you will need to refrain from strenuous exercise or going to the gym. You will also need to limit movement that exerts your arms or chest muscles for the first two weeks.

Following this period, your surgeon will clear you to resume normal day-to-day activities. To enjoy your breast revision results, our San Antonio medical team advises you to follow a healthy diet and engage in an active lifestyle.


A breast revision may be the right procedure for you if you wish to remove, replace, or correct the position of an existing breast implant, either for medical or cosmetic reasons. With our client-centric approach, you can be confident that our surgeons will perform your procedure with your safety at the forefront. Contact our office for more information and to discuss a breast revision in San Antonio.