What Is the Difference Between a Fat Transfer and Butt Implants?

Round, full, voluptuous rear-ends are more popular than ever, making butt augmentation one of the fastest growing aesthetic procedures in the United States. Today, patients have options for achieving a shapelier derriere through cosmetic surgery: Fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift) and butt implants. Both procedures offer exceptional results, the option that is best for you depends on your unique goals, anatomy, and preferences.

Dr. Franco has earned a national reputation for excellence in the field of aesthetic surgery, particularly for his expertise in butt augmentation. He has helped hundreds of patients achieve their cosmetic goals with skill, compassion, and a drive for excellence.

Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer: The Brazilian Butt Lift

Because it uses your body’s natural fat from areas you’d prefer less, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) not only adds volume and definition to your buttocks, it can also sculpt your waist and create an elegant hour glass figure. During the BBL procedure, fat is removed from areas such as the abdomen or thighs, purified, and then injected into strategic areas and depths of the buttocks to create a full, attractive shape. By using your own natural tissue, there is less risk for complications. However, you must have enough fat in other body areas for this type of augmentation, and there is a limit to how large you can increase the butt size in one setting with this method.

Butt Augmentation with Butt Implants

A butt implant is a solid silicone implant that is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Butt implants are more firm and durable than breast implants, because they are specially designed to endure a lifetime of sitting and stress that occur naturally. One benefit of butt implants is that they can be placed regardless of the amount of fat that you currently have in other parts of your body. Implants also tend to create greater butt projection, providing exceptional results. However, while this option is great for adding volume to the rear, butt implants do not sculpt the waist.

Butt Implants with Fat Transfer

Combining the best of both worlds, butt augmentation with implants and fat transfer is a very effective and common option at Dr. Franco’s practice. It provides the aesthetic benefits of butt implants and the body sculpting advantages of liposuction. The harvested fat can also be transferred to the hips or other areas to create a more beautifully-contoured figure.

Which Butt Augmentation Option Is Right for Me?

The butt augmentation option that is best for you depends on your individual goals and the amount of fat you have to be harvested. During your initial consultation with Dr. Franco, he will evaluate your physical condition, review your medical history, and determine your candidacy for butt augmentation. Together, you will develop a customized treatment plan that is tailored specifically for you and your desired outcome.

We encourage you to visit our before and after gallery to see examples of Dr. Franco’s exquisite results for yourself.

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