What Are My Options for Butt Augmentation if I Didn’t Have Enough Fat the First Time I Had a BBL?

This is a good question as thin patients often struggle to achieve the shape and projection of their buttock to achieve the butt they desire.

The majority of patients are extremely happy with the results of their Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer), however occasionally in very thin patients they do not achieve the shape and augmentation that they desire. I typically make patients wait at least six months from their first surgery before deciding on any further surgery. This will give the body a chance to heal and all the swelling to resolve.

First of all the liposuction from the Brazilian Butt Lift typically improves the shape so patients had some benefit from the first surgery regardless of the augmentation. That liposculpting will help your final results when we improve your buttock.

In thin patients with limited amount of fat I typically recommend butt implants. The implants can be done alone or in combination with fat transfer depending if the patient’s individual needs, such as more sculpting or if there is available fat for transfer. Some of my extremely thin patients do incredibly well with butt implants alone. The implants will augment the buttock and hips. It gives the patients more projection and an improved shape.

Please consult your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation procedures, or contact us today.

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