What Options do I Have if My Brazilian Butt Lift did not Give Me the Results I Desired?

This is a common question and really depends on your individual goals that you are hoping to achieve from your Brazilian Butt Lift. Typically, when I see someone for a round two BBL or BBL revision we review their initial starting point and wish pictures so that I have clear image in my mind of their goals. Then we discuss what is possible as everyone’s body shape and frame is different.

It is important to understand that with a Brazilian Butt lift there is a limit to the amount of liposuction and fat transfer that can be done safely in one setting. Depending on the specific results patients’ desire, they may need a second round to further sculpt the body or increase the shape and volume of the buttock.

Round two BBL have become very popular as there is a fat take phenomenon that helps patients retain more fat that is transferred to the buttock then on the initial fat transfer procedure. There are several factors that most likely contribute to this such as the skin being stretched, and increase vascularity in the buttock form the first Brazilian Butt Lift. The round two BBL also allows your plastic surgeon to further sculpt your waist to give you more of an athletic hour-glass figure. The limitations of a round two BBL are the amount of available fat for transfer to the buttock and hips.

Butt implants are also an option for patients that are looking for more projection in their buttock. Buttock implants are one of the best options for projection in the buttock especially in patients with a limited amount of fat available for transfer. Patients that want more projection, or don’t have enough fat for a round two BBL are typically good candidates for a butt implant.

Rib-X or rib repositioning has become a very popular option for our patients that don’t have enough fat for a BBL or they didn’t achieve the hourglass figure they desired from their first Brazilian Butt Lift. Rib repositioning has become so popular as it is much safer with less downtime than a rib removal. The procedure can be done through an incision that is similar in size to a liposuction access point. The 11th and 12th ribs are kept in place and then repositioned such that it can thin the waist. This is often done in combination with a round two BBL or tummy tuck.

Thong lifts have also become popular as patients have lost a significant amount of weight on the semaglutide medications. This procedure helps lift the bottom of the buttock to shape and round the buttock giving it a more youthful appearance. It is called a though lift as the incision is discreetly hidden in the areas of a thong.

Cellulite tends to be one of the most under treated areas in total buttock rejuvenation.  Patients can have an incredible result from their body contouring and fat transfer but still not achieve their dream buttock because of the cellulite present. Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands that tether the skin leading to dimpling and contour deformities of the buttock. The large cannulas and specialized techniques used for BBL safety do not cut the bands that cause cellulite. However, several effective treatments such as Aveli are available to treat cellulite but releasing the bands that cause cellulite. Aveli is a light guided probe that can identify the cellulite band, release the band, and verify that the band has been released.

The demand for total buttock rejuvenation is going to continue to increase dramatically as patients desire a more athletic toned buttock and not just a larger buttock. As technology continues to improve with the use of ultrasound and treatments such as Aveli become available the results possible for your total buttock rejuvenation will continue to evolve. Please discuss with your plastic surgeon your options for a round two BBL or total buttock rejuvenation.

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