Is it Possible to Get at Least 1200cc of Fat Transferred Into Each Buttock Cheek?

This is a great question as both patients and plastic surgeons have started to have a better understanding of the volume that is needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift. In general patients need at least 600cc of fat transferred to really achieve a significant enhancement and most patients receive more than that for their augmentation. The range of fat transfer can be from 600cc to 1300cc per side with the average being between 800 to 1000cc per side.

The amount that can be transferred depends on several factors. One is the amount of fat available for harvest from the patient (liposuction). Patients typically need at least a BMI of 22 to have enough fat for the augmentation. The reason people need so much fat is that I always process the fat prior to transferring it to the buttock. This removes the excess fluid and oil. This is also important when you are comparing how much volume a surgeon is going to transfer. When I process the fat typically half of what is harvested (liposuctioned) is not good material for your augmentation and takes up valuable space in your buttock.

Second is the skin envelope, which is the buttock itself. The butt area can only hold a certain amount of fat. To increase the amount of fat that is transferred the fat is placed in various planes. This is important because the fat needs to be in contact with native tissues so that the fat will survive. At some point just forcing more fat into the buttock will not help enhance the buttock and just put you at risk for problems.

In your specific case you have some butt already, which will allow you to have more fat transferred to your buttock. The limiting factor for you will be how much fat can be harvested (liposuctioned) from you for the augmentation. I would liposuction your back, flanks, abdomen and inner thighs to get as much fat as possible for the augmentation. Realistically 1000cc per side would be the most that you would have available per side for you Brazilian Butt Lift based on your pictures.

Please see your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation surgeries.

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