I had a Brazilian Butt Lift and Did Not Achieve the Size and Projection in my Butt that I Had Wanted, What Can I do Now?

Butt implants are a great option for patients that have had a Brazilian Butt Lift and still wish to have further augmentation of their buttocks. The majority of patients are extremely happy after their Brazilian Butt Lift, however occasionally patient want more augmentation than fat alone can accomplish. The benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift prior to augmentation with an implants is that the person has already had some liposculpting to improve their overall figure. Also the fat that has been transferred is used as a buffer to soften the implant in feel and appearance.

I would make sure that at least three months have gone by prior to the second surgery with implants to allow time for the swelling to go down and settle. This will allows you to know what your final size will be and then have a better idea of what implant you need for your augmentation to reach your goals. The combination of butt implants and fat transfer has given patients an incredible result in my experience as they get the shaping of the liposuction and projection of the implants.

Please discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon. He can help guide you to what implant would be best for you. After a physical exam, evaluation of your “ideal” pictures then I can help guide patients to an implant that will help them achieve these goals and discuss what is realistically possible.

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