Butt Implants and Fat Transfer, Can they be combined?

This is a great question as many women are doing a butt augmentation to enhance their overall figure in addition to improving their buttock. Butt implants can enhance the overall shape of the buttock but typically on their own do not give patients an hourglass figure.

In women that are very thin or want more augmentation than I can provide with fat alone I will do a combination of butt implants and fat transfer. This will allow me to shape the waist with liposculpting, use the implant to give the buttock an incredible shape and then use the fat to enhance the hip area creating the hourglass shape.

Implants are great for projection, however some women can use the fat along their hip area to improve the overall shape. The combination can give patients a very aesthetically pleasing result.

In the majority of my butt implant patients I do some fat grafting to help improve the hip area and create more of an hourglass shape.
I hope this helps, please consult with your board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in butt augmentation.

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