Ultrasound Guided BBL

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Ultrasound Guided BBL San Antonio, TX

When you want to transform your figure while enhancing your butt, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) may be the right procedure for you. A modern approach to BBL surgeries, an ultrasound-guided Brazilian butt lift in San Antonio is focused on safety while providing the best possible result. This real-time imaging of the fat transfer allows the plastic surgeon to visualize the placement of the fat for maximum control and safety.

Our patients have traveled from around the country to have an ultrasound-guided Brazilian Butt Lift because of the benefit of real-time imaging. The surgeon can place the fat precisely to maximize both safety and the aesthetic result of the butt enhancement. Buttock anatomy is more complex than most people realize, and seeing the intricate layers of the butt by using ultrasound has revolutionized BBL surgeries.


Our surgeons perform ultrasound-guided BBLs in a way that is similar to traditional Brazilian Butt Lifts, albeit with several enhancements. The surgeon uses the ultrasound to guide the high-definition liposuction by defining the natural anatomy of the underlying musculature. We also use ultrasound to visualize the placement of tissue during the fat transfer portion of the BBL.

Your plastic surgeon can directly visualize the buttock anatomy using ultrasound to place the fat precisely and safely in the appropriate place, maximizing your aesthetic results. Putting the fat above and not inside the gluteal muscle increases safety in Brazilian Butt Lifts.


Performed under general anesthesia, an ultrasound-guided Brazilian butt lift treatment in San Antonio takes approximately four hours. Patients typically go home the same day. To optimize your results and keep your new curves, our surgeons instruct patients to avoid sitting or placing direct pressure on their buttocks for six weeks. We recommend pairing the treatment with a healthy diet and exercise regimen for the best, longest-lasting results.


We want to help you achieve the curves you have been craving. An ultrasound-guided Brazilian Butt Lift in San Antonio is one of our most popular treatments for helping people achieve a curvy figure. This technology ensures you will experience a safe procedure and have stunning results.

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