BBL Round Two

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BBL Round Two San Antonio, TX

A round two Brazilian Butt Lift in San Antonio is a surgical procedure used to maintain and further enhance your BBL, helping you continue to enjoy your curvaceous, shapely hourglass figure. This procedure, which extends the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift, creates an hourglass silhouette from your body fat by removing and transferring unwanted fat from other areas of your body.

Our team of highly talented plastic surgeons will help you renew and prolong your hourglass figure with our round two BBL procedures. Round Two BBL surgeries are great for patients who want more projection in their buttocks or to further super snatch their waist.


The round two BBL is designed to further enhance the results of your previous BBL. A surgeon performs it under general anesthesia. First, they use liposuction to obtain body fat from other areas of your body, similar to your first BBL. Your surgeon then processes the fat and removes damaged cells to give you the best possible outcome. The fat is then carefully, strategically, and precisely injected into the buttocks using ultrasound guidance to create a round and full contour to your buttock.

The main difference between your first and second BBL in San Antonio is that you retain more of the fat that is transferred to the buttock during your second Brazilian Butt Lift compared to your first. A round two BBL allows you to further refine, define, and enhance your buttock and overall shape.


A Brazilian Butt Lift amplifies your curves through surgical fat transfer from other areas of your body with stubborn fat—usually the abdomen, hips, back, arms, or thighs. Patients will often consider a round two BBL when they want more projection or shape to their buttocks. Typically, patients will wait at least six months after their first Brazilian Butt Lift to embark on their journey for a round two BBL in San Antonio.

Many people come to us for a second surgery as they want to see the Austin Plastic Surgeon difference with high-definition liposculpting and an enhanced buttock to reach their full aesthetic goals. Many patients know prior to their first Brazilian Butt Lift that they are going to do a second round of fat transfer to obtain the results that they desire for their buttocks. Our plastic surgeons are experienced in the art of body contouring techniques and would be delighted to help you achieve your dream figure.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate in San Antonio for a Round Two BBL is in good health and wants to improve their overall figure and buttocks. Our team will discuss your body contouring goals to help you decide if a round two Brazilian Butt Lift is a good option to help you achieve your aesthetic booty goals.

Recovery Instructions

Following the surgery, our surgical team will monitor you to ensure your complete safety and no immediate complications. It is normal to experience mild soreness, swelling, and bruising in the areas where your surgeon performed liposculting and fat transfer. These symptoms will subside over the first few weeks.

You will need to wear a compression garment for six weeks following surgery to ensure a smooth and quick healing process. For the first six weeks, we strongly recommend minimizing sitting or lying on your back. Any action that applies pressure to the affected area is strongly discouraged to help maximize your fat retention and results. Following the initial six-week period, you can resume exercise and strenuous activity.

Your results will be fully apparent after three to six months. If you maintain your body weight with adequate exercise and a healthy diet, your enhanced curves from your San Antonio Brazilian butt lift round two procedure can last for years.


Our clinic is well known for our surgical expertise and passion for ensuring the best possible service for our patients. We believe in providing safety, comfort, and privacy for our patients, from consultation to follow-up. You are just one call away from your new stunning figure. Our team can renew and prolong your hourglass silhouette with our round two BBL procedures. Reach out today and rejuvenate your total body transformation with a round two Brazilian Butt Lift in San Antonio.