Episode 82: Aveli & Cellulite Reduction with Dr. Kristi Hustak

Tired of cellulite? Look no further! In this episode of Plastic Surgery Untold, Aveli, an incredible cellulite reduction procedure, is the topic of conversation. The esteemed Dr. Kristi Hustack joins Dr. Franco, Nurse Sarah, and Nurse Jenna to discuss Aveli. No matter how healthy your diet or how much you exercise, cellulite can persist. Listen to this episode to discover the groundbreaking solution to eliminate those stubborn dimples!


Welcome back to Plastic Surgery Untold, greatest podcast in the world, is voted by us. Today, we’re gonna talk a little bit about cellulite and some of the new exciting treatments out there. We have a special guest from our home state, Texas, Dr. Kristi Hustak, who’s going to talk to us about this. But tell us a little bit about your practice and we’ve met each other on a few panels talking about cellulite, so super excited for you to take time out of your busy schedule, because I know you got a thousand talks going on this weekend. So, thanks for taking a few minutes to join us.

You’re so kind. It’s so great to be here and visit with you a little bit about something we’re both passionate about, which is great. So, you know, I’m right down the road from you in Houston, Texas. You know, cellulite is not exclusive to any location, right, or any demographic, you know, 90% of us have issues with it. And there’s an unmet need, so it’s awesome. I do a lot of, you know, I’m, I was originally the only female in my group of seven males, and we flex now and took our second female, our fellow Abby Rodriguez, she’s fantastic. But now, this was a natural segue for me, right? You know, lots of women don’t talk about their cellulite because it’s almost like a shameful thing. Like, oh, you’re not working out hard enough. You’re not dieting enough. And we know that’s not simply true. So it was kind of nice, you know, as I’m talking about my mommy makeovers and we’re doing an exam, they’re like, well, what do I do for this cellulite? You know, and so it’s been a nice little easy segue, you know, and it’s certainly something that I don’t, you know, bring up. Nobody wants to be like, ooh, you want me to do something about your, your dimples. You know, which I don’t call cellulite. I call them dimples. I think that’s a little less, you know, scary to talk about. And so it’s been kind of a nice little segue to finally have something to offer that I think is precise and verifiable and I know works. And I’ve had universal happiness so far since we started rolling it out. And don’t you think that’s been the biggest pushback? And maybe even the most hesitation from us is that, you know, it’s not a new problem, but something that there just weren’t a lot of great solutions. You know, most people have bought stuff either on infomercials, tried different things, have just wasted a lot of time, effort, and money on stuff that just really made no long term benefit. And I think that’s what’s been a big change of some of the new devices that are out there to treat this.

Absolutely. I mean, I think most of us have bought, like every cream on the market to rub it, you know, in your, in your closet, as you’re waking up in the morning, and you’re just like, ah, still nothing. And you know, and especially as we age it, you know, you get that combo dimples. You know, you get your really deep genetic ones you’ve had since you were, you know, 17 years old, even when you were super thin and athletic, you know, and it just, the process continues with some skin stuff.

So I’ve actually been having fun doing it as combo procedure. So I do a lot of fat transfers for the buttocks. So my bbls, I’m doing it single stages, I know you and I’ve chatted a bit about some of that, and how we make that work, or not, you know, because it is kind of a newer thing. And then a lot of energy based devices for skin tightening as well. So I’m really liking those composites for my my gals that are, you know, athletic, tennis players, but they’ve got that, you know, those couple of areas, couple dimples that drive them nuts, but skin laxity as well. And you know, you can do some of those combo treatments, so you get lower body rejuvenation in total, right? So you get around your knees, you get your inner thighs, your outer thighs, and it’s been a great adjunct.

You touched on a couple of things that are super dear and close to my heart. One, you know, because you do a lot of fat transfer and BBLs, but don’t, and we had a segment earlier about the kind of the evolution of bbls because somebody had said to me a couple of weeks ago, what do you do now that people don’t want fat transfer? I just think that that’s not true. I think it’s yeah, it’s a different, and and Sara and Jen, our extenders, have helped treat a lot of this because it’s not that they don’t want it. But I think what people are requesting, we get a lot more requests for this athletic, you know, kind of tight tight butt things and this is where you’ve already alluded to this kind of total body rejuvenation in terms of treating the multiple components: the skin laxity, the dimples and then addressing the volume needs. And then I think with the weight loss revolution, there’s going to be even more of this complex nature. Maybe you can touch a little bit about if you’ve seen some of those trends in Texas, and then maybe we’ll get Sara and Jen to jump in about how we’ve done it because even if people have had BBLs in the past doesn’t mean that they can’t still treat their difference now.

And that’s actually some of my happiness patients, my whole BBL is that I just need that extra little, you know, little bit of rounding for those couple of dimples because they’re showing it off right, so this is just the last piece of the puzzle. But ya no, I think women get scared because when they come in, I always offer when I’m doing liposuction, do you want me to put that fat anywhere? Do you want me to put it in your booty, the back of your hand, your face, your breasts, or do you want me to throw it in the trash. And you know, I think in the beginning, lots of people are like, wait, I can put that somewhere. And so they would get really nervous. I’m like, I’m not, I mean, I’ll give you a Nicki Minaj if you want, but that’s usually not my aesthetic. Most of my aesthetic is a little bit more simple and natural and maybe just a little bit around it, a little bit hip depths, you know, something to keep their genes up. And nothing, and I tell people you it can look really natural, like this is just a volume, you know, restoration, we don’t have to over augment, we can just kind of give you back that little bit of projection that would round out the rest of your frame. So I think when you say it like that and show them pictures, they’re like, oh, thank God, so not everybody’s gonna be like, oh, you got a BBL and as you run, your booty runs separate from your body, you know, so I think it’s been great.

Especially with the weight loss revolution and people who haven’t followed, you know, I’m down about 70 pounds I think. I know, you’re looking good. I probably lost 40 pounds since I last saw you at the Texas society. But unfortunately, you know, it’s great for the visceral fat for some of these, but we tend to lose it in places that maybe we don’t. Face and butt tends to be one and so we’ve started to get a lot of requests from people who just, they’re not trying to look for something huge. They just want to restore the volume. They love the way their tummy looks. They just want to restore what they lost in their butt, make sure their pants don’t fall down.

Absolutely, yeah, they just want that little bit of balance. And I think that’s a great thing to do at the same time. How do you do it in your practice? Because we talked a little bit about this on a panel we were at a couple months ago in terms of doing it the same time. pretreating you know, love for you and Sarah to talk about, do you? Do you have extenders that do this? Do you do the cellulite treatment on here because I believe one of the new devices has really made this much more reproducible and easy, because I think in the past, there were some mechanical ways to do this, but very technical, dependent, hard to delegate, hard to be reproducible, and verify.

Yeah, no, definitely. If it’s a stand alone procedure, you know, some of that can easily be done under local. My extenders are doing it. Absolutely. And some of my old BBLs for example, they don’t need me, right?  And so those are great ones for my extenders to do. And those are the homeruns. I am doing, obviously the ones that are done in the OR, and we’re still dabbling with these composite devices. So,