Who is a Good Candidate for MyEllevate?

MyEllevate has created an option for patients that want to improve the overall appearance of their neck and jawline. In the past, patients had several options to improve the neck region. These options ranged from neck liposuction with Renuvion, to a full face and neck lift. These are both great options however patients that had too much skin or prominent neck bands, may not be a great candidate for liposuction and Renuvion. While many younger patients may not be ready for a full face and neck lift, this demographic had no other options to improve the contour of their neck and jawline, until now.

There are several groups of patients that are great candidates for MyEllevate.

  • Patients that have isolated excess skin of the neck
    • MyEllevate is used to elevate the skin in the neck by anchoring the skin to the mastoid fascia (behind the ear). This allows the elevation of the neck skin with no visible scarring.
  • Patients that have prominent platysmal bands, but limited skin laxity
    • Platysmal bands can begin to appear at a young age leading to an aged appearance of the neck area. The light guided suture suspension system can be used to release the platysmal bands and improve the overall appearance of the neck.
  • Young patients that want to improve their overall jawline appearance
    • Many young patients want to improve the overall appearance of their jawline. There are multiple ways to approach the jawline such as the use of facial fillers, however patients that have excess fullness in the neck can often be disappointed in the results of their jawline enhancement procedures unless these concerns are addressed as well. The combination of neck liposuction and suture suspension in the MyEllevate treatment can further define the jawline to enhance the overall profile.
  • Male patients that are bald and want to avoid any visible scars
    • Male patients want to improve the overall appearance of their neck and jawline, however they often have a limited amount of hair in which to hide the incisions of a typical face and neck lift. MyEllevate uses the light guided probe to access the platysma bands and elevate the neck without the need for visible incisions.
  • Patients that want to avoid the scar of a full face and necklift.
    • Some patients wish to improve the overall appearance of their neck, but are not ready for the scars (while typically very well concealed) that are associated with a face and neck lift surgery.

MyEllevate is not a replacement for a full face and neck lift as it does not treat the upper face, however it can be an incredible option for patients wanting a procedure with fewer scars and isolated areas of concern to the neck and jawline region. MyEllevate is often combined with facial fillers or other skin tightening procedures such as Renuvion or Morpheus 8 to improve the overall appearance of the face and neck.

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