What is Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation?

Plastic surgery continues to evolve as technology continues to improve and this leads to increasing effectiveness and overall treatment options for patients. One new frontier in plastic surgery is skin tightening, while this is not new, there are some significant advancements that have been made that have led to improved treatments for patients. One of these innovations is a device called Renuvion.

Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation is a radiofrequency energy device that also combines helium to induce skin tightening. The device includes a cannula that is placed under the skin (similar to a liposuction cannula) which allows higher amounts of energy as it avoids the concern for trauma to the superficial skin. The second unique feature of the Renuvion is the addition of the helium, the combination allows for the radiofrequency energy to heat the skin quickly and almost instantaneously be cooled to increase the safety of the device. It also allows for a more efficient treatment, which is important when combining the treatment with other larger body contouring surgeries such as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

In my practice Renuvion is most commonly used in combination with liposculpting procedures such as a Brazilian Butt Lift. It can also be used in the neck in combination with liposuction for patients that want to improve their appearance, but are not ready for a necklift yet. Liposuction is an incredible way to enhance the shape of the body or neck, however a patient’s results are dependent on the skin to contract. In patient with loose skin or stretch marks there will likely be a limit to the skin contracture after liposuction, thus limiting the overall results of the procedure. However, if we can remove the fat and tighten the skin simultaneously we have opened up the procedure to patients that were not previously a candidate for liposuction.

It is important to know that Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation is not a replacement for a tummy tuck, neck lift or other surgical procedure that removes excess skin. However, it is a great option for patients who are not ready or don’t need these larger procedures, but have some loose skin that will not be treated with liposuction.

It is important to discuss Renuvion Skin Rejuvenation with your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon as they can help guide you to the best treatment to reach your aesthetic goals.

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