What do I need to do to prepare for my Face and Neck lift?

This is a great question as you want to help make the surgery go as smooth as possible. Every surgeon has their own pre-op routine but they are typically very similar.

In my practice, I see patient two or three weeks before the surgery for a pre-op visit. At this visit we go over the surgery in detail. We also go over all of your consents for you Facelift surgery. Patient also receive their prescriptions, and post-op instructions. It is very important to review these and fill your prescriptions prior to the day of your surgery. When your actual surgery day comes, you don’t want to be worried about anything else.

I also like to have all my patients be on a good skincare regimen before and after their surgery to make sure their skin is in the best possible shape before the surgery.

In preparation for the surgery I have all of my Face and Neck Lift patients have labs drawn, an EKG and a clearance for their surgery from their primary care doctor. This is an elective surgery and I want the surgery and recovery to go a smooth as possible for my patients. This clearance gives your primary care doctor the opportunity to make sure you are in as good of health as possible for your surgery. This will help ensure that you get the best possible results from your Facelift.

The day of the surgery patients have to have someone with them to take them to the surgery center and take them home. They also need someone to stay with them the first night of surgery.

Facelifts are an incredible procedure as they can turn back the hands of time. You want to do as much as possible to make sure the day of surgery and your recovery is as smooth as possible.

Please discuss your Face and Neck lift surgery with your board-certified plastic surgeon and their specific recommendations on how to prepare for the surgery.

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