What Anesthesia is Used During a Facelift?

The anesthesia that is used depends on the surgeon and the type of facelift that is being performed. Local anesthesia to general anesthesia is performed for face and neck lifts. I personally do the majority of my facelifts under general anesthesia. This allows the patient to be as comfortable as possible for the procedure as it typically takes several hours for the surgery.

General anesthesia also allows me to do a high lateral SMAS plication, platysma band plication and full facial fat grafting as part of the facelift. The SMAS elevation allows me to restore volume to the mid – face while maximizing the longevity of the facelift. The platysma band plication allows me to repair the neck muscles that have fallen. It also allows me to lift the neck improving the overall contour of the neck.

Fat Grafting is a relatively new procedure that has dramatically improved the results of facelifts. It restores the volume that patients lose over time. The combination of restoring the volume, repositioning the soft tissue of the face and removing the extra skin of the neck and face is what gives patients an amazing but natural and youthful appearance to their face and neck after surgery.

Please discuss with your board certified plastic surgeon about you facelift options and what anesthesia is performed during your surgery.

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