The Phenomenon of Ozempic Butt: Treating Volume Loss, Skin Laxity, and Cellulite

The phenomenon of Ozempic Butt has gained attention following the popularity of weight loss medications like semaglutide, including Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro. While these medications offer significant benefits, rapid weight loss can lead to undesired volume loss in areas such as the face and buttocks. We will explore the treatments available to address Ozempic Butt, taking a comprehensive approach to treat volume loss, skin laxity, and cellulite.

Ozempic Butt is the result of rapid weight loss from semaglutide medications, causing fat reduction in various areas. Unfortunately, this can lead to volume loss in regions like the buttocks, which can affect body proportions and desired aesthetics. However, there are proactive ways to address these concerns. The buttock is a combination of adipose tissue and muscle. When we lose a significant amount of fat, we typically have a decrease in the size of our buttocks as well. We will explore the ways that we can improve the shape and contour of the butt after weight loss with semaglutide, Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro medication treatment.

Treatment Options for Ozempic Butt

Volume Loss

As patients lose weight, they can lose volume in a variety of places. For the most part, this is great as it is getting out patients to a healthier place. However, when we lose a significant amount of weight, we can lose volume in our buttocks which can cause the butt to lose some of its shape and start to sag. There are multiple ways to address this volume loss. Most patients will need a combination of treatments depending on the amount of weight loss and subsequently the volume loss in the buttock.

Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Fat transfer involves harvesting excess fat from other areas of the body through liposuction and transferring it to the buttocks and hips to restore volume to the butt and enhance the overall figure. This surgical procedure provides a significant increase in volume to the butt, enhancing the shape and fullness of the buttocks while giving you a balanced athletic figure. This is a great option for patients looking for a total body transformation or patients that had a more significant volume loss to the buttock.

Non-surgical Volume Replacement with Fillers

Non-surgical options such as Sculptra or Hyper dilute Radiesse can be used to add mild to moderate volume to the buttocks. These in-office treatments offer an alternative for those seeking a non-surgical approach but with less dramatic results compared to fat transfer. These treatments are extremely popular as they have no downtime, and patients can do several treatments over a period of time to build on their results.


This is another non-invasive way to restore volume to the buttock. Emsulpt helps build muscle in the buttock that can shape and lift the buttock. The fat that is lost in the buttock with weight loss can be restored with muscle. An active lifestyle and regular exercise can help build muscle in the buttocks. In addition, treatments like Emsculpt can stimulate muscle growth and enhance volume, providing a non-invasive option for restoring the shape and fullness of the buttocks.

Skin Laxity

Significant volume loss may lead to skin laxity in the buttocks. Surgical options like a circumferential or traditional Butt Lift can remove excess skin and tighten the area.

Minimally invasive treatments such as Renuvion (Radiofrequency Energy)  or RF Microneedling (Vivace and Morpheus 8) can also address skin laxity, providing a less invasive alternative.

Cellulite Treatment

Skin laxity often exacerbates the appearance of cellulite. Minimally invasive treatments like Aveli can effectively reduce cellulite, improving the overall appearance of the buttocks.

To mitigate the effects of Ozempic Butt, proactive treatment is essential. As weight loss occurs with semaglutide medications, it is crucial to stay ahead of any volume loss, skin laxity, or cellulite issues. By addressing these concerns early on, patients can often achieve meaningful results with minimally invasive treatments and potentially avoid the need for surgical intervention.

We Can Help Treat Ozempic Butt

Ozempic Butt, resulting from rapid weight loss with semaglutide medications, can be effectively treated through a combination of procedures. By addressing volume loss, skin laxity, and cellulite, patients can achieve the desired shape and fullness of the buttocks. With the availability of surgical and non-surgical options, individuals can choose a treatment plan that aligns with their goals and preferences. Stay proactive and consult with a qualified aesthetic specialist to create a personalized treatment approach, minimizing the effects of Ozempic Butt and achieving the desired aesthetic outcome. Call today to discuss your aesthetic goals after weight loss.

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