Restoring Your Skin After Recovering from Skin Cancer

Skin cancer treatments focus primarily on eliminating your cancer, meaning that the appearance of your skin is not a priority. Unfortunately, after the procedure is complete, the post-surgical marks that remain may begin to have an effect on your self-esteem.

You want to be able to move forward and feel like yourself again after recovering from skin cancer, and at More Beautiful You Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help you accomplish that.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco offers skin cancer reconstruction, a procedure that uses a skin graft to cover up any post-surgical marks to restore your natural appearance. Dr. Franco can perform this procedure on the face and any other area of the body affected by skin cancer treatments.

Let us help restore your skin so you can enjoy a normal and fulfilling life. Contact More Beautiful You Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franco for your skin cancer reconstruction procedure.

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