Reasons to Consider Silicone Implants

If you are looking for a natural breast appearance, silicone gel implants may be the best choice for you. At Austin Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Johnny Franco can help you choose a breast implant that achieves your desired look.

There are different factors that go into choosing a breast implant that doesn’t feel fake. In addition to choosing saline or silicone, the following factors affect the final look and feel:

  • The amount of breast tissue used to buffer your implant
  • How the implant fits to your body frame
  • The type of implant used
  • The size of the implant

Silicone gel implants tend to be a popular choice due to their soft, natural appearance compared to saline implants. You may want to consider a silicone gel implant if:

  • You want a completely natural look: Silicone is chosen by many augmentation patients because it behaves similarly to natural breast tissue. Having said that, some women have saline implants that look very natural in their breasts.
  • You want your implant to feel natural: One of the biggest advantages of silicone gel implants is that they feel like breast tissue. You can choose between textured implants and smooth implants depending on your preferences. In contrast, saline implants tend to feel firm.
  • You want more shapely breasts: Since silicone gel is form-stable, you have more shape options than with a saline implant. Dr. Franco can help you choose the desired shape and size of your silicone gel implant.
  • You have little breast tissue: Silicone implants have a lower risk of rippling or wrinkling in patients with less breast tissue.

Some people are better candidates for saline implants. It varies by individual, although silicone tends to be the most popular option. Rely on Dr. Franco to help you choose implants for your breast augmentation that will create the final look and feel you’ve been dreaming about.

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