Is there any options for a permanent lip filler?

Lip enhancement is an incredible popular procedure and my patients range from 20 to 60 year-old. Most of my patients love their lip enhancement but wish there was a longer lasting option. Fillers are great as they can be done in the office as a simple procedure that patients can have done on their lunch break. The fillers will last anywhere from six months to two years. However, some of my patients wish to have a lip enhancement that will last longer.

Currently there are no lip fillers off the shelf that last over two years. The only long lasting treatment for lip enhancement is fat transfer. Fat can be taken from anywhere on the body where we want to get rid of it and then be used to enhance the lips.

Lip enhancement fat transfer is often done in conjunction with other procedures, but can be done as a procedure on its own. The procedure takes about an hour and patients go home the same day.

Please consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon about your lip augmentation utilizing fat transfer procedures.

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