Is a Mini Facelift a Good Choice for Facial Rejuvenation?

It can be confusing trying to find the right procedure for facial rejuvenation when there are so many different options that advertise unparalleled results, fewer incisions, and a limited recovery time. The best way to find the right procedure for you is to know exactly what you are trying to achieve with your procedure and to then find an option that satisfies all those needs.

A good example of a procedure that sounds appealing is the mini facelift. This procedure advertises amazing aesthetic results through smaller incisions and less internal work. The problem with this procedure is that it does not correct the face’s underlying structural issues that are causing the aesthetic problems. Mini facelifts only provide superficial rejuvenation, which is likely to fade quickly.

If you want comprehensive and long-lasting facial rejuvenation, a full facelift is your ideal option. It is important that you have your facelift performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco. If you are interested in receiving a facelift, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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