How Do I Get an Upside Down Heart Shape for my Butt after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift procedures uniquely combine liposculpting and fat transfer. It allows a plastic surgeon to create a total body transformation like very few other procedures have the ability to do.

One of the most common requests we receive at Austin Plastic Surgeon is for an upside down heart shape to their buttock. This shape is so popular because it is cohesive with the entire body creating a natural, but athletic result to the entire torso.

There are several considerations when deciding on the possible shape of the buttock. One, is the natural shape of the patient’s body and buttock. The Brazilian Butt lift procedure is designed to enhance the natural shape of the patient to its full potential.

The second consideration in creating the shape of the buttock is the liposculpting. The importance of liposuction is often underestimated in Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. The liposuction is more than harvesting fat for the buttock, it is shaping and sculpting the buttock.  The surgeon has the ability to sculpt the abdomen and waist which are all integral to the ultimate shape of the buttock.

Thirdly, is the fat injection into the buttock. The fat can now be precisely placed with the use of the ultrasound. The ultrasound enhances the safety and aesthetics of the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Depending on the specific shape desired the fat can be placed in various areas of the butt to create a heart shaped buttock, or treat the specific areas needed to help the patient receive the desired appearance.

A combination of liposculpting and fat transfer transforms the entire shape of the torso so that the waist size can be decreased and flow seamlessly into the buttock and create the upside down heart that many patients desire. Please discuss your buttock goals with your plastic surgeon to discuss the possibilities. Contact our team to learn more about your options.

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