Does Rib Removal Leave Big Noticeable Scars?

Rib removal has always been an interesting topic as patients that are very skinny or looking for more of an hourglass figure are somewhat limited in their options for body sculpting. These patients have typically already explored other treatment options, and are either not candidates for them, or did not receive the results that they desired.

The traditional rib removal is approached one of several ways; through a tummy tuck incision or from the back. The tummy tuck incision can be hidden, but it is not small. The back incisions are typically shorter, but are not as well hidden as they will be closer to the bra line.

Rib repositioning is a novel technique that allows the ribs to be moved in to create the slimmer waist, without the need for a large incision. Rib repositioning can be performed through two incisions on the back that are similar in size to liposuction incisions. A specialized device is used on the ribs to score them, and shift them interiorly to create a slimmer waist.

The technique of rib reposition was designed to create a slimmer waist for patients that are very thin, or wanting more of an hourglass figure. The new rib reposition procedure has removed most of the obstacles that kept both surgeons, and patients from having a rib removal procedure. The most common hesitation was the length and appearance of the scar. When the rib was being removed completely, a significant amount of access to the rib was necessary to safely visualize, and release the rib from the surrounding structures, then ultimately removing it. Rib repositioning has a very limited incision. It does not affect the surrounding tissues, and the rib is moved into a slimming position and does not need to be removed from the body.

Consult with one of our surgeons to discuss if rib removal or rib repositioning would be an appropriate treatment option to help you achieve your aesthetic goals!

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