Does MyEllevate Really Work?

MyEllevate is one of the hottest treatments in minimally invasive neck lifting procedures. It is a light guided suture suspension system that can release the platysma bands, while lifting and tightening the excess skin of the neck. This sutures suspension system is unique in that it treats the muscle bands that can often be seen in the aging neck, elevate the excess skin and enhance the overall jawline in an individual.

MyEllevate is unique in that it is a permanent suture that is attached to a light guided probe that allows your Plastic Surgeon to have precision placement of the suspension system.  However prior to deploying the suture suspension, the light guided probe suture is used to loop around the platysma muscles that can cause prominent banding in the neck. Once these bands have been isolated, they can be released as they would in many neck lift procedures.

The next step in MyEllevate is performing liposuction of the neck. This does several things to improve the contour of the neck and jawline. First it removes any excess fat in the neck and outlines the shape of the jawline. This also releases the skin in the neck so that it can be mobilized and suspended during the procedure.

Once the neck liposuction has been performed, the light guided suture suspension system is precisely weaved through the neck and anchored to the mastoid fascia (behind the ear) as many surgical neck lift procedures are performed. This suspension system lifts the excess neck skin to improve the contour of the neck and jawline.

There are several key elements to MyEllevate that have made it extremely effective when compared to other minimally invasive neck lift treatments. One is the treatment of the platysmal bands, two is the precision of the light guided suture suspension system, and lastly is the anchoring of the system to the mastoid fascia in a similar fashion to most neck and facelift procedures.

MyEllevate can be an extremely effective option in patients that have isolated excess skin of the neck, want to enhance their jawline, or have prominent platysmal neck bands. In this group of patients, MyEllevate typically creates incredible results that will last for years.

Contact our team to discuss if MyEllevate is a good option for your minimally invasive neck lift procedure.

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