Can I do a BBL After a Non-Surgical BBL? Will the Sculptra Need to be Removed Before I do My Actual BBL?

A non-surgical BBL can be a desirable option as it has a very rapid recovery and little to no downtime.  However, non-surgical BBL treatments performed with Sculptra and hyper-dilute Radiesse have limitations in their ability to give patients the augmentation they desire. Patients tend to need much more Sculptra and Radiesse than expected to achieve their desired results. These non-surgical BBL treatments in our practice are great for spot treatments of hip dips or touch-ups after a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift. Still, they can be challenging as a stand-alone treatment for patients wanting a more dramatic result.

Patients that have undergone a non-surgical BBL with Sculptra or Radiesse can undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift. Sculptra is unique as it helps patients create their collagen and can have results that last for two years. Hyper-Dilute Radiesse has been found to have similar properties in collage stimulation, along with the immediate fill from the product itself. Typically, these products are used in limited amounts due to the cost and nature of the procedure.

Modern Brazilian Butt Lift procedures utilize ultrasound for precision and safety of fat placement during the surgery.  The fat is typically placed in the deep fat space. The accuracy of this fat placement has several benefits, including the safety of avoiding any intramuscular fat injections and increased control of the shape of the buttock. Placement of the fat in these areas avoids where the previously injected filler was placed for a non-surgical BBL. However, if the fat comes in contact with the previous product, it will continue to enhance the appearance of the non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift the patient previously had.

Ideally, patients would undergo a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift first to maximize their shape with liposculpting and fat transfer. Several months after the swelling has resolved, the patient can consider a non-surgical BBL to perform any finishing touches after the Brazilian Butt Lift to help them achieve their ideal buttock!

It is essential to discuss your overall goals and any previous injections that you have had in your buttock with your plastic surgeon so that they can consider this from a safety and aesthetic planning perspective. Call our team to learn more about your options.

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