Breast Reduction for Women Who Have Asymmetrical Breasts

We don’t have control over the way our body will grow. There is no precise way to determine what the shape or size of our features, the length of our extremities, or our height will be once we have fully developed.

During these early stages of development, it is very common for women to experience breast asymmetry, a condition where one of the breasts is a disproportionate size compared to the other. In some cases, this can persist into adulthood and can become a noticeable aesthetic issue.

In cases where one breasts is significantly larger than the other, breast reduction surgery can be performed to bring symmetry to your breasts. During the breast reduction procedure, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco will not only reduce the size of your breast, he will also reshape the breast so that they are symmetrical and have a natural beauty to their appearance.

If you are suffering from breast asymmetry and you believe that breast reduction surgery is your best option, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franco.

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