Breast Augmentation Revision: I Would Like to Go Bigger

Breast augmentation is the number one aesthetic surgical procedure in the United States. This is because the vast majority of patients have a phenomenal result and are extremely happy with their results. If patients could change one thing after their augmentation surgery it would be that they wish they had gone bigger.

Patients often have a fear of going too big or looking overly “fake” so they tend to talk themselves out of the breast implant they truly want to achieve their aesthetic goals. Also silicone implants are much softer and more natural than saline implants. I think that a lot of people still have images of the round firm appearance that the saline implants would give patients and thus want smaller implants to avoid this appearance. With the new silicone implants patients can go much larger and still look very soft and natural.

I always tell patients that they will go through a cycle where they will feel too big immediately after surgery (because they are very swollen) and then when the swelling goes away they miss the fullness. Typically once patients are out a couple months and the implants have settled and the swelling has resolved they will love their result.

When patients do decide to go bigger the surgery is typically much easier. The muscle and skin has already been stretched so the recovery is less painful and quicker. I do typically recommend to patients that if they are going to go bigger that they need to go up at least 100cc so that they see difference that is worth going through another surgery.

Please discuss your surgical options with a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in revision breast surgery or call us today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Franco.

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