Unhappy with the Sagging Appearance of Your Upper Eyelids?

Are your sagging upper eyelids giving you a constantly fatigued look? Do they make you look older than your actual age? This aesthetic problem can significantly diminish your appearance. Happily, it can be addressed through surgery.

Upper-eyelid surgery is an excellent choice for restoring the vibrant and youthful appearance of your eyes. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco will carefully remove excess skin and trim stretched eyelid muscles, which will give the upper eyelids a refreshed and attractive appearance. Any post-surgical marks will be well-hidden in order to ensure that your results look very natural.

If your sagging upper eyelids are diminishing your self-confidence, contact More Beautiful You today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franco. He can provide you with excellent surgical care and results that satisfy your aesthetic needs.

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