JUVÉDERM® Filler in Austin

Looking for firmer, smoother skin? Want to boost your lip size or enjoy fuller, sculpted cheeks? At Austin Plastic Surgeon, our experts offer the gold standard of dermal fillers to enhance your features with minimal downtime, such as those in the ultra-popular JUVÉDERM® line!

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What are JUVÉDERM® Fillers?

JUVÉDERM® is a family of dermal fillers that use hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules — a substance naturally found in the skin that decreases as we age — to replace lost volume in the face and hands. Unlike topical products, JUVÉDERM® injectable fillers provide results that last for up to nine months, and offer immediate, surgery-quality results with non-surgical injections. JUVÉDERM® is especially popular as lip filler, and we are able to customize your results based on your unique bone structure and skin.

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Why Choose Austin Plastic Surgeon MedSpa for JUVÉDERM® Fillers?

We offer a variety of JUVÉDERM® fillers, and our team’s expertise with this treatment and facial anatomy provide incredible results you won’t get anywhere else. We work with clients from all over, with all kinds of goals for their looks, and that’s helped us reach the top of our field and create beautiful results. Our experts are always happy to have a consult and answer any questions you have!

Is JUVÉDERM® Right for Me?

If your face, hands, or other parts of your body just don’t look as hot as you feel, JUVÉDERM® is a wonderful option for you. This versatile treatment targets your area of concern with precise attention to detail and incredible results. JUVÉDERM® fillers cushion the skin, creating an instant supple look. They are also a perfect option for patients who are not a good match for BOTOX® Cosmetic, as they use HA instead of the muscle-paralyzing effects of BOTOX®. Whether you want plumper cheeks, fuller lips, softer-looking hands, or to rejuvenate the undereye area, JUVÉDERM® could be the solution for you!

Procedure times vary depending on the treated area, but JUVÉDERM® typically takes between fifteen minutes to an hour for these specific parts of the body: Lips, Cheeks, Jaw, Nose
While JUVÉDERM® filler typically does not have downtime, some procedures may cause minor swelling and bruising that may take up to a week to heal, depending on your body’s healing system and where the treatment targeted.
Patients can expect youthful looking skin, decreased lines, greater volume, and more almost immediately! Full results should be visible after seven days, with the filler’s effects typically lasting for six to nine months.
Price of JUVÉDERM® Fillers

We are proud to be transparent about our costs, so our patients are empowered with all the information they need about their treatment. However, JUVÉDERM® filler costs can vary depending on the areas targeted and the volume of fillers used. For further information, view our Med Spa pricing page, or book a consultation for a custom quote.

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Patient Success Stories

Five Star

“As soon as you walk in the front door you are greeted by the front staff immediately. I was very pleased by how quickly they got me back for my visit. Sarah V put my mind at ease about my first QWO treatment as I was very nervous. Sarah was AMAZING and very professional and answered any questions that I had. I was excited that meet Dr. Franco in person and he was SUPER friendly. I can’t say enough about Dr. Franco and his staff other than they are AMAZING.”

- M. Mascarenas
Five Star

“I absolutely love the attention and care I receive here. Everyone is super sweet and professional. I’ve now had several treatments by Sarah Viebrock and the results are really amazing. She has done several Botox treatments for me and I’ll keep going back to her. I’ve also had Radiesse filler treatment on my neck the tops of my hands and 9 months out it still keeps getting better. Recently had Restylane L filler in my lips and Restylane jawline and prejowl filler. I am blown away with the results. And no duck lips!! They look really natural. Sarah is very precise, which I appreciate. …”

- T. Buxton
Five Star

“Dr. Franco and his entire staff were amazing. From beginning to end the entire process was seamless. I went in with an expectation and let me tell you, Dr. Franco delivered! My results look amazing. Hot girl summer here I come! 10/10”

- A. Sustaita

Listen in About Lip Fillers

Interested in how we approach JUVÉDERM® fillers for lips? Listen to our Plastic Surgery Untold podcast’s “Lucious Lovable Lips” episode to hear our experts dive into the facts and break down myths about JUVÉDERM®!

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