Ozempic Face Treatment in Austin

By now, you have probably heard of the drug Ozempic–a diabetes medication that has taken the world by storm for its weight loss effects–but have you heard of Ozempic face? Ozempic face refers to the volume loss and skin laxity that can affect the face after weight loss–either from Ozempic, Wegovy, Tirzepatide, or one of the compounded semaglutide medications. It is similar to the effects patients have had previously after bariatric surgery; however, this has created a unique population, so many people have benefited from these medications. The number of individuals that have started their weight loss journey on Ozempic or one of the other semaglutide medications is unprecedented. This has incredible long-term health benefits for patients, but it also can have some facial aesthetic results that we want to address so that our patients can look as great as they feel.

At Austin Plastic Surgeon, we take a proactive approach to the treatment and prevention of Ozempic face. When patients start their fitness journey on the Skinny Shot, we will also discuss options to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance on the face and neck. There are several non-surgical treatment options to prevent and treat Ozempic face, including Skinny Sculptra, Dermal Fillers, and RF micro-needling (Vivace and Morpheus). In patients that have had more dramatic weight loss, we can combine these non-surgical options with minimally invasive treatments such as fat transfer and MyEllevate. The treatment of Ozempic face is unique in that the concept is creating a structure to the face and limiting laxity. Many people have worked hard to lose weight and want to be cautious about making the face seem “full” again. That is why we have developed specialized facial plastic surgery programs that help stimulate collagen, create structure, and lift laxity. If you want to learn more about structural support through Ozempic face treatment in Austin, give our expert medical team a call today.

What is Ozempic Face?

Ozempic face is a condition to describe the effects of sudden and significant weight loss in the face after treatment with semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy) or Tirzepatide (Tirzepatide) medications. These medications have been life-changing for millions of patients that have embarked on their fitness journey. One of the resulting effects of this weight loss from Ozempic and other semaglutide medications is volume loss and skin laxity in the face and neck.

Our patients in Austin with Ozempic face suffer may have visible signs of hollow, sunken cheeks with visible loss of volume. Volume loss is also highly visible in other areas of the face, including the temples, and neck. Ozempic face may also lead to drooping and sagging skin. These features can change the appearance of the face and can make you look aged and tired if untreated.

Structural Support and Laxity Lift: The Best Defense for Ozempic Face

To treat Ozempic face in our Austin patients, we usually recommend structural support with Skinny Sculptra or other dermal filler treatments. This is because Skinny Sculptra and dermal fillers are safe for most patients. These treatments are extremely popular as they can have a profound effect with little downtime and recovery and can be used to provide structural support while restoring volume loss associated with Ozempic face. The prevention and treatment of Ozempic Face and Neck are unique in that most patients that have started their fitness journey have worked extremely hard to make lifestyle changes and want to limit the amount of volume added to the face. This is why we developed our concept of structural support with laxity lift to treat all of our patients with Ozempic face. This novel innovation in treating Ozempic face allows us to create structural support with Skinny Sculptra, targeted dermal fillers to further enhance the cheekbones and jawline while proactively lifting skin laxity. The targeted structural support with injectables allows patients to sculpt and shape their face to keep that healthy, youthful appearance without creating an overly full look to their face.

Targeted structural support with hyaluronic acid fillers such as RHA, Voluma, and Juvederm can lift and support the face when patients suffer from Ozempic face and neck. The injectables can also help contour and shape the jawline, which is critically important when preventing and treating Ozempic face. Restoring the structure and shape of the jawline will keep the face appearing youthful and healthy as it minimizes the appearance of skin laxity in the neck. For our patients who suffer from Ozempic face, we work with them throughout their fitness journey to structurally support and lift their face during this process.

When treating Ozempic face, it critical to address the skin laxity in the face and neck. There are several options available to patients in a non-surgical manner. The most common treatment is RF Microneedling, such as Vivace or Morpheus 8. These treatments apply energy that causes the skin to contract over time. These treatments are most effective when Ozempic face is treated early on and thus limiting the amount of skin laxity that can appear in the face and neck. This laxity lifting is critical in creating a structurally balanced face that can appear healthy while avoiding the over-filled appearance.

Patients with more moderate skin laxity of the neck can be treated with a novel minimally invasive procedure called MyEllevate. MyEllevate is a light-guided suture suspension system that can treat the platysmal bands, skin laxity and contour the jawline. The tightening of the skin and contouring of the jawline can create an immediate and stunning transformation with minimal downtime and virtually no visible incisions.

Our office provides some of the most modern and innovative fillers and biostimulant products available such as RHA, Skinny Sculptra, Hyperdilute Radiesse, Volux, Juvederm, Restylane, among others. During your initial consultation, our expert medical team will design the ideal strategy to help you treat your Ozempic face, using our unique and innovative concept of structural support and lifting laxity to suit to your unique needs and keeping your health and safety at the forefront. We have a team of highly skilled medical professionals–including some of the top plastic surgeons in the country.

Treat Ozempic Face in Austin With Us

Many patients approach our office to treat their Ozempic face: dramatic facial volume loss, sunken, hollow cheeks, and drooping, sagging skin. We always recommend a comprehensive approach that creates structural support while treating skin laxity as a first line of defense for Ozempic face for our patients.

Are you considering getting treatment or preventing Ozempic face in Austin? Our office can help. We offer a variety of treatment options such as Skinny Sculptra, Jawline Contouring, Cheek Lifting, RF Microneedling (Vivace and Morpheus 8), and MyEllevate for our clients. At our clinic, our stellar team of plastic surgeons, clinicians, nurses, and medical estheticians will guide you through the process of Ozempic Face treatment in Austin. To find out more or schedule an appointment to treat your Ozempic face, contact our clinic today.


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