Endoscopic Brow Lift

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Endoscopic Brow Lift San Antonio, TX

The two most defining features of your face are your eyes and eyebrows. Your eyebrows allow you to express emotions ranging from excitement and happiness to anger and frustration. Yet, as you get older, your eyebrows may appear to sink closer to your eyes. Where your eyebrows are located depends partly on the elasticity and laxity of your forehead skin.

When you feel your eyebrows need a helping hand, consider an endoscopic brow lift in San Antonio to give you a more youthful and natural-looking appearance. This facial surgical procedure can deliver results without significant downtime and with well-hidden scars.


An endoscopic brow lift targets the skin on the forehead and will slightly alter where your eyebrows sit. The procedure also helps reduce the appearance of excess skin and wrinkles on the forehead. A small camera is placed through small incisions in the scalp, and the tissues are released and repositioned to create a more youthful result.

Although you cannot stop the hands of time, you can turn back the clock slightly and remove wrinkles that indicate aging. Endoscopic brow lift results are natural looking, and the procedure in San Antonio is minimally invasive. In some cases, a person in San Antonio considering a blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, to remove excess skin above the eyes may find that an endoscopic brow lift can correct the excess eyelid skin and restore a more natural position for the eyebrows.

The procedure can decrease any wrinkles and folds in the brow as well as decrease excess folds on the sides of the eyes. An endoscopic brow lift can restore the natural arch in the eyebrows and create an age-fighting and cleaner appearance to the face that is more attractive.

We encourage you to discuss all your aesthetic concerns with our experienced plastic surgeons during your initial consultation. An endoscopic brow lift can be done alone or with other facial procedures to achieve your desired results.


A brow lift can help remove excess skin from the forehead and create a more youthful appearance. However, it cannot stop aging. For many people, the procedure can last years before the natural aging process causes the skin to settle again.

However, a San Antonio patient can prolong their endoscopic brow lift results by taking simple steps that promote good skin health. This includes using sunscreen while in the sun or sitting next to large windows. Eat a nutrient-rich diet and stay hydrated to provide your skin cells with the water and nutrients they need. When you take care of yourself and your skin, you can enjoy the results of your endoscopic brow lift for years to come.

Ideal Candidate

Good candidates in San Antonio for an endoscopic brow lift will have cosmetic concerns that affect their forehead, eyebrows, or eyes. For example, they will have deep horizontal lines on the forehead or a low-set brow. This can make a person look tired or angry.

The ideal candidate has realistic expectations for the effects the surgery will achieve. An individual with asymmetrical eyebrows may also consider an endoscopic brow lift to correct the asymmetry and develop a more natural-looking expression.


Our skilled plastic surgeons take a big-picture approach to your cosmetic concerns. It is crucial to consider the balance and harmony of your facial structure to produce the most natural-looking results. Our team is dedicated to restoring the aesthetic appearance of your features with an approach that considers your goals and concerns.

In many cases, you do not have to continue living with a furrowed brow or a chronically angry or tired look. Call our office today to schedule your consultation. Our experienced and compassionate plastic surgeons will answer your questions and discuss the best options to create the natural-looking and more youthful appearance you desire. There are also other types of browlifts that might be discussed with you if the endoscopic approach is not the right one for you.