Weight Loss Program

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We understand the challenges that come with losing weight and lifestyle changes. The fact is, everyone’s journey to weight loss is different. There are multiple factors that affect an individual’s response and ability to incorporate lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and a proper exercise regimen. If you find yourself struggling to start your fitness journey or suffering from excess, stubborn, and persistent weight gain, know that you are not alone.

Join a long list of happy clients with our modern medical weight loss program in San Antonio. This structured program provides a comprehensive and evidence-based approach for achieving and maintaining long-term weight loss, featuring our popular Skinny Shot with Semaglutide and Skinny Shot Plus with Tirzepatide. We believe in providing the best care for our MedSpa clients. For more information about our weight loss program and the results you can achieve, call today.

Choose Our Office for a Modern Medical Weight Loss Program

Our program is an excellent choice for patients aiming to lose weight for any number of reasons, including reaching a pre-surgery goal or maintaining their post-surgery weight and results. Our Skinny Shot program is also a great choice for individuals that want to improve their overall health and reach their goal weight.

After conducting a comprehensive medical evaluation, we tailor a medical weight loss plan to help an individual meet their health goals. We help guide you to make lifestyle changes that are optimal when starting the modern weight loss program with the Skinny Shot. The incorporation of lifestyle changes such as improved diet and exercise will help you succeed in your transformation. With our San Antonio medical weight loss program, a person will fall in love with their life again.

A Focus on Evidence-Based Science, Technology, and Innovation

Our modern medical weight loss program is rooted in evidence-based science and best practices. It does not end there: our team believes in continuous learning. We are constantly exploring innovative approaches and trying to implement cutting-edge techniques, including the Skinny Shot, in our medical weight loss program.

Semaglutide Treatment

Semaglutide is one of the most revolutionary medications to hit the market. It was originally designed as a diabetic medication, patients were found to have significant weight loss with minimal side effects on the medication, and thus practitioners expanded the use of the medication for weight management. It is a weekly injectable medication that can be self-administered in the comfort of your own home. Typically, our patients will see one of our providers monthly to make any necessary adjustments to the medication, and the remaining doses will be administered at home.

Semaglutide medications allow an individual to reduce their food intake by lowering appetite, reducing hunger, and slowing down digestion in the stomach. With Semaglutide therapy, patients have fewer food cravings and an overall decreased appetite. Research demonstrates that with Semaglutide (Skinny Shot), patients can lose up to 15% of their body weight over the course of the year. Patients on the Skinny Shot Plus (Tirzepatide) have been shown to lose up to 20% of their body weight over the course of a year.

Ongoing Support During and After Your Program

With our modern medical weight loss program, your care is not just limited to the clinic. In addition to our robust in-clinic services, we offer ongoing support services to help you make your weight loss transformation even easier. Our expert medical team will monitor your progress with monthly check-ins, answering any questions or concerns you might have during your journey. You can also schedule follow-up appointments with our medical team as you need.

Call to Discuss Our Weight Loss Program in San Antonio

No matter what your starting point is, we can help you achieve your health goals. At our office in San Antonio, you will work with a team of dedicated, caring, and compassionate medical health professionals. Together, we will help you develop a personalized weight loss plan, guide you through the journey and consult with you monthly to make sure we are making the desired progress to help you with your transformation.

Connect with our skilled health team today if you have any questions about participating in our modern medical weight loss program in San Antonio. We can provide expert medical guidance and answer all your questions. Book a consultation call today with our team to discover how medical weight loss can give you a new lease on life. Together, we can help you reach your weight loss goals, achieve your dream body, and live your healthiest, most vibrant, and most fulfilling life.