Episode 74: High-Definition Liposculpting

In this week’s episode of Plastic Surgery Untold, Dr. Franco, Dr. Arredondo, Dr. Weinfeld, and Dr. Micallef discuss HD lipo and total definition. This procedure is for both men and women and can be tailored to each patient’s specific needs. This procedure highlights the body’s natural anatomy and underlying muscle groups through precision liposculpting and possibly fat transfer. Whether the patient wants soft, moderate, or extreme HD Lipo, the docs can do it all while using the best tools, such as an ultrasound to be precise and safe, renuvion for skin tightening, and more. Listen to this episode if you are interested in hearing our docs talk about this amazing technique to create a natural and athletically enhanced look!


Alright, alright team. Welcome back to Plastic Surgery Untold, greatest podcast in the world, as voted by us. We got our celebrity crew back again, got a really super exciting topic today, we’re talking about high definition liposuction with a little something called total definition. And we’ll jump into what all of that really is. But before we get into the good stuff, we’ll talk about the good people. And so let’s go around the room, catch up with everybody, see what’s going on. Dr. Micallef? What’s what’s going on with you?
Not too much, just staying busy down in San Antonio, I’m super excited to to have the four of us here together here in Austin for the weekend. So it’s been great. Dr. Weinfeld, you?

Yeah, you know, in another episode, I talked about my Amsterdam trip. I’m gonna bring it up in another in another context real quick. But you know, there’s a direct flight between here and Amsterdam. So part of my visit to Amsterdam was to check out sort of what plastic surgery is like in Amsterdam, get a sense for whether there was a lot of local advertising, and just to get a sense for what the culture is like, because because you know, it, certainly we have patients who come from all over the country, and even a few patients who come from overseas. But now with a direct flight from several cities within Europe, we really should acknowledge that we offer wonderful services, and that Europe might be the next place where we don’t have an office, necessarily, but where we can have a presence and really draw patients who are looking for the type of services that we offer.

I was thinking West Texas or Waco, but yeah.

From West Texas to Austin, that’s the same length and time as the flight.

There’s some other benefits maybe to going across the pond and sort of exploring that part too. Oh, you missed
my little joke about that.

Just to get a little farther, maybe you could just go all the way to Dubai.

Dr. Arredondo, what’s going on with you?

Well, I’ve been super busy with surgeries. But one thing I’ve tried to focus on is a lot of what we’re doing right now and it’s just educating. We’ve got a great social media team. And so I’m really trying to utilize them as much to explain to patients what we do, the nuts and bolts behind it a little bit, so they feel more comfortable when they come and talk to us. They don’t have, you know, they feel like they’re already educated on what the surgery is.

Well, let’s jump into it because it’s kind of a big topic. I think something that’s been around for a while, but has really kind of reemerged. And we talked a little bit about this with rhinoplasty and one of our previous episodes if you missed it, but high definition lipo per se is not new. But there are some new advances that I think if re-energized and re-excited people like myself who were hesitant in the past, because, you know, we want people to be super happy with the results. We want the results to be super natural. We want them to fit their their body, we always worry about skin laxity, you know, not being looking overly fake. And there’s some really cool stuff. So maybe somebody can number one just just kind of tell people what high definition lipo is to begin with. Dr. Micallef, if you want to kick us off?

Yeah, I’ll kick us off here. So essentially, what high definition liposuction and how it differentiates itself from traditional liposuction is that we’re essentially, what we’re trying to do is sculpt in some form or fashion, the abdomen or in other areas of the body as well. But the most common being the abdomen, we’re essentially trying to create 3D contours or 3 or 4D contours of the abdomen and further define musculature. And then there’s different variances of high definition liposuction, which I’m sure we’ll be talking about here further….
And I think that’s really cool. So you can, you know, really tailor it to any person’s specific needs.

No question, I think abs get the most attention. But you can really do you know, high definition lipo in a lot of places. And to some extent, we’ve already done it, you know, when you’re talking about snatching the waist, when you’re talking about some of the gynecomastia chest that we’ve done, you know, there’s some some high definition elements too there, you can really do it for almost any muscle group and for and when you get to truly like high definition, we’re talking about basically highlighting, you know, the muscle group that you already have below. And this is one of the things that really made me super excited about because I had been hesitant the past is, and I know we’ve talked about a lot and I don’t have any stock or shares in ultrasound. But gosh, ultrasound has really made this different because when we do our high definition lipo, we all use the ultrasound to actually mark out their muscles so we can truly see where every inscription, every muscle insertion comes. And then we mark that out so that we’re basically highlighting the muscle groups that you naturally have. So we’re enhancing any of the gym work that you do.

I think I actually have a video where we capture that in the OR where I was actually doing the markings with the ultrasound and you can see where the muscle ends and the fascia or that covering around the muscle begins. And you can mark that out on the…
So dialing things back to a very basic level for our patients. This turns liposuction from an activity of just being subtraction, as it was in the past, to selective subtraction and addition. So it’s redistribution, selective subtraction.

100%. And it’s turning more into just these, this physical labor of fat removal to this artistic, you know, canvas, this abdomen embodies your canvas for this artistry where you can really create and I tell people with our BBLs, you can be athletic on the front and athletic on the back and really give people a a different shape. I also think, especially here in Austin, and I get super excited because this is such a passion is that, you know, a lot of patients want to look their best, but they don’t want to look overly fake and I think some people are afraid of either a tummy tuck or lipo that just looks overdone, over fake. And the idea is that we can be as subtle with that, that high definition or, or extreme for people who are looking for a really muscular look. There’s all sorts of options, but it gives, avoids that overly fake, overly lipo look to your tummy, body, back flanks, chest. And the nice thing is that we are really just defining their normal anatomy, right?

We’re not, We’re not giving them anatomy necessarily, that they don’t already have, you’re not wearing a suit, we’re not giving them, we’re not making them into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, right? We are just trying to define or further enhance something that is that is already there. Just like Dr. Weinfeld brought up, you know, the art of high definition. And then I’m gonna jump into the kind of the different, you know, soft, moderate, extreme. And then and then jump into the addition portion that I think Dr. Weinfeld was alluding to just a second ago. But you know, high definition is the art of sculpting, where we’re basically creating the shadows of the negative and positive spaces, you know, and so we’re basically, if you were to sketch out somebody’s anatomy, we’re just outlining those muscles, we’re defining the stuff because when people have the appearance of their muscles, there are certain fascial bonds that that basically hold that skin or hold those muscles into compartments. And we’re just highlighting that, so your own natural muscular can be further enhanced. Would you say that’s a fair and fair assessment? Yeah. Maybe talk to us a little bit about the difference, because I know some people worry about looking overly muscular. But some people love the little bit of subtle. So there’s the kind of verticals where we refer to as soft, moderate extreme, and maybe you guys can walk us through through some of those differences.

Yeah, I had a couple of patients just this last week who we talked about doing some liposuction, they’re both kind of more athletic, a little bit thinner, but they didn’t want that overly kind of muscular look. So we did softy as you call it. And that was really just highlighting where the abdominal muscles attach underneath the underneath the skin. So those vertical lines that go along the side and on top, but also bring out a little bit of the obliques where we know where those muscles really stand. So you can see the definition there. And I think that’s become
so popular because any of us that have shown with our weights such as myself, we invest in a lot of vertical stripes, because they can make it look a little bit more v-shaped. And that’s basically what we’re doing to that tummy as it were, you know, because the muscles actually wider at the top, come in at the bottom, you know, it can actually give you a little bit of that V shape to your tummy. So just a little subtle, like hey, starting that #squatlife maybe not quite there yet, but also gives it a little bit more of an athletic instead of the overly just flat, overly lipo looking…. So that’s really, really cool. So the definition, probably the most common for women, which is…Very attractive.

Yes, yes. Right. It really highlights that beautiful snatched waist, right? And that V going right down into their pelvis.
It would just sit and then and then there’s, and this can be done for, in combination with BBLs, lipo alone, I’ve even had people who’ve had tummy tucks and just felt like they looked overly fake and wanted to, you know, just have a little bit of contouring done to their tummy to give them more of that athletic, you know.

That is probably my favorite person to do this on. Because you’ve gotten all the extra skin out, you know exactly where that skin’s gonna lay. And now you can find those muscles and put those, put those enhancements exactly where you want to, and the skin is it’s thinner, so that way your your lipid goes a lot longer since you’ve gotten all that extra skin out. And I think all of us would say that doing lipo after a tummy tuck is one of the, I mean, it’s super easy. It’s just so rewarding. Those patients are usually so happy.

Good, because there’s sometimes a limit to how thin you can get that tummy during her tummy tuck safely. But yeah, we’ll save that for another episode. So if we’re going to be on soft, there’s different terms for it, but kind of this in between moderate, middle definition, what would that entail for people that are that are thinking about that?

So these are these are very additive. So it includes everything that we already highlighted in a soft, def high definition case. So the midline where the rectus muscles attach the lateral border of our rectus muscles, but then it also adds in things like the the obliques, traditionally for moderate for a moderate definition. Sometimes some variances of of moderate will also include some etching, just minor etching of some of the the abs itself as well.

Start bringing a little bit of horizontal, horizontal subtleness. And so that’s really cool, because then this is where the real art of this is, right? Yeah. And this is where, you know, I think a lot of us have been reinvigorated with it. Some of the new curve cannula. Some of these things have really made this a lot easier, has decreased the amount of incisions that we have to make, no question bringing in some of the technology and we’ll get to in a second, so I won’t jump into it, let’s hold on because I’ll go off on tangents. So moderate is kind of that in between. And then, and then we can get into extreme, which is kind of a combination, we’re definitely highlighting every muscle, we’re definitely doing the etching both vertically and horizontally to mark out those muscles. And then really rolls us into something that that Dr. Alfredo Hoyos has termed as total definition. But this is where, and this is what Dr. Weinfeld had brought up earlier, maybe he can jump in and talk us a little bit about it, where not only is the subtraction, but the addition of fat transfer. And this is where I really really got excited because this new technique of of adding fat into the the actual area of the muscle has been super exciting… want to talk about how we mold fat transfer into some of this total definition.

Yeah, yeah, you know, it makes me think a little bit about facelifts where it used to be just about a little bit of repositioning, and then subsequent traction of the skin. But then with the introduction of fat grafting, and the ability of fat grafting to add areas where we really want more pronounced contours such as the cheeks or filling in areas such as the temples really allowed us to bring facelift results to the next level. The total definition approach to body contouring is adding fat to areas that we want to look more pronounced, such as different muscles, both in the abdomen, but also in the upper body, the chest and even out to the arms. And, you know, I know there’s a very, very hot topic and and I’m sure our patients are gonna be interested to hear about this.
One of the areas that gets forgotten are the arms because that’s one of the areas that can have a huge impact on the appearance of men and men, I think is like kind of where the arms are really have the biggest impact, the deltoids, the pectoralis muscles can have a huge, huge change in their appearance.

And I think this is something that you know, it’s not new, right? Because you know, doing the BBL is actually a version of this right. So we’ve already changed it. I love the facial analogy because in the past, people were a little afraid of of facelifts because they didn’t want to look overly windblown, overly fake and this, the fat is actually, you know, soften that giving you have more natural appearance. And that’s what the fat transfer can do to high definition, we’re talking about the abs and we’re talking about the the peck, muscle, shoulders. I think pecs and deltoids are a forgotten area where you can really make a big difference. Some of the things that have made it a game changer for me is using the ultrasound and I know I keep bringing this up, but being able to physically see where those muscles are and do it so safely for this, because Dr. Micallef talked about doing some of the etching, where we’re doing some subtraction, but we always worry about skin laxity and those type of things and problems. But now when you can actually see those muscles and safely not injecting in the muscle, but you know, filling some of those fascial spaces, you know, with the the fat under the direct visualization of the ultrasound, this is game changer because now you can enhance that peck, those deltoids, those abdomens without being dependent on the skin. And that is something that we were never able to do prior to utilizing the ultrasound, or maybe I shouldn’t be able to do, but able to do to the same level of safety and precision that we can do now.

Right, I think that’s one really important point. People think, Okay, I’m getting liposuction, losing all this fat, losing all this volume, contouring sounds great. But now you’re adding it back. So you’re adding it to the skin. But no, we’re adding it to the muscles. So that muscle is more prominent, that shows underneath to yeah, Dr. Micallef’s point, we’re not, we’re enhancing the muscle that’s already there. We’re not getting anything fake or false to your overall physique.
And I don’t want to confuse people because I know we talk about all the time in the… you know, fat goes into fat, you know, we’re not injecting the muscle. When we’re talking about this, we’re actually filling the space between the muscle and the fat. We fill in the over and we’re accentuating where the muscles are, but we’re not injecting into the muscle itself, you know, and that’s where the ultrasound is key to really hit these precise spaces.

Yeah, we’re we’re defining that space between muscle and fascia, or that beautiful lining that we talked about, sometimes, like in our sub fascial breast augs, right that we get up under, and we’re just putting fat into that space.
Which is cool, because now it’s it’s really it’s so so precise in terms of of this and doing it and so some really cool instruments, the ultrasound that really helps do this. And then I think the idea that both men and women can do this, and I think Dr. Giordano already alluded a little bit to, you know, this is where you can treat some of these different muscle groups in terms of this. Exactly. What about gynecomastia because I think that’s a really underutilized in terms of high definition. Anybody want to talk a little bit about that? Because I think the idea of, you know, subtracting that lower pole right under the nipple or complex, removing that gland, but then filling the upper peck because it was worrying men, about the, men tend to not wearing a bra or bikini top and so you worry about putting too many scars. And if you can kind of subtract the gynecomastia, fill the upper chest, not only have you’ve gotten rid of their angst area, you’ve actually given them a much more athletic look in chest overall.

Right. It’s about shaping that pectoralis muscle. The problem in gynecomastia is you have this abnormal distribution of breast glandular tissue. So we remove all that, you’re left with a nice flat chest, but then enhancing that pectoralis muscle underneath that way, that really shows and gives them that nice look that they’re looking for.

Can we talk a little bit about technology and maybe Dr. Micallef if you can talk a little bit about Vaser. And then maybe Dr. Weinfeld, will talk a little bit about Renuvion Bodytite, some skin tightening and how that’s made this more possible too because I think in other episodes, we’ve talked about skin re-draping stuff, but but maybe kick us off first about Vaser and how some of these other things can help us, well, not absolutely necessary, you can definitely do high definition without laser, you know, but sometimes, especially in revisions, lot of scar tissue can be super helpful.

Yeah. So you know, ultrasound assisted liposuction or Vaser in this case, really has really, really enhanced the ability for us to do HD liposuction. And just like you said, you can certainly do HD liposuction with just traditional like, power assisted liposuction or liposuction techniques. But this is really taking it to another level, it’s really gotten us to, given us the ability to really get that skin as thin as possible, more thin than we would normally be able to get with just power assisted liposuction, it’s really enhanced our ability to get into spaces that have prior scar tissue, or have had prior liposuction procedures. And because many of our patients have had prior liposuction by other individuals in the past, and it helps really define the structures that we want to find.

Yeah, and then, and then when we talk about Renuvion, J plasma, Purple Power, whatever, we’ve talked about previously, Dr. Weinfeld. But how important the skin being tight over those to really define this are also gonna be challenging.

Yeah, real quick for our potential patients out there. So Renuvion is a device that applies a little bit of a thermal energy to the tissues underneath the skin, and allows that collagen both to instantaneously shrink, and then also to tighten over time, so that you get an overall shrinkage and tightening of the skin, over the underlying fat and muscle, bones etc. And so as you can imagine, given that 3D liposuction, that high definition liposuction involves trying to get the best contours of the body, you’re going to want to make sure that you shrink to fit the skin overlying it so that you can really see all those beautiful dimensions that you’ve brought about with the maneuvers of the liposuction.

Yeah, and don’t you think that the ultrasound, the Vaser, the Renuvion, the Body Tite, these skin, all these things coming together is what’s kind of re-invigorated HD lipo because in the past, the scope of people who are good candidates for it were so narrow, and when Dr. Weinfeld and I started, you know, 10 years ago, we were always talking

About in general. But more than….

The scope of people that were good candidates were so narrow because they had to have perfect skin, they couldn’t have any skin laxity. They couldn’t have any scar tissue, they couldn’t have these things that a lot of us were became hesitant to do too much of this because of the limitations.

Yeah, you know, it’s really broadened the array of patients. It’s created a larger net that incorporates all the patients who can take care of because it makes people who once were not candidates, now candidates, it’s like something else we’re doing, wait for it, wait for it, the skinny, the skinny shot, yeah, it’s about it’s about opening up the benefits of plastic surgery, of cosmetic surgery to more and more patients. By making the things that we do allow us to make patients who we would have considered not great candidates, the great candidates right?
Now somebody who’s lost a lot of weight, somebody who’s got that extra loose skin you can use the power of these skin tightening modalities to get that nice, thickened skin that’s healthy appearing, get more retraction. So it just really highlights everything that we couldn’t do with just liposuction alone.

And sometimes just like we’ve talked with, you know, preservation right now with with rib x stuff, you know, sometimes it is a stage procedure. I mean, sometimes we need to do tummy tuck, other things and then come back because if you do have too much skin, then then the no question that HD is not going to look right. That’s not going to be a good option for you. But doesn’t mean that we can’t do a tummy tuck get you to a good spot and then and then come back.

Yeah, and yeah, talking about staging procedures with patients is really, really important. I think I think that’s a really great, that’s a really great topic for a future discussion because it really applies to so many things that we do.
Yeah, because I don’t want to give people the false sense that with ultrasound, with Renuvion, with Vaser, that everybody’s a candidate for this because unfortunately, there’s still people who this isn’t the best procedure for them, you know, because it really still depends on that skin laxity. If you have a lot of stretch marks, if you got some waviness to your skin, there’s some real limitations and really

And dependent on that soft tissue component for sure.

And something that we have looking to improve but can’t completely change. Would you say that’s, that’s fair?

Absolutely. And I think Dr. Arredondo really brought that up earlier when he was talking about patients who have an abdominoplasty yes, they get an improvement, but they may be hoping, may have been hoping for more definition. And they may also still have some roundness that is due to visceral fat, skinny shot, followed by the higher definition approach to liposuction and really get them to a wonderful spot.
Absolutely. I think it’s always super interesting now, like, how many tools, how many things that we have, but, you know, it’s the thing that most of us don’t want to do is the patients to kind of go through the journey to get to a good spot and, and most of the time when they come in to see us for a consultation, you know, we’ve talked about what other topics was, but it’s so true for any procedures. What’s your ultimate goal? You know, and and you may not like the roadmap there if you’re driving to West Texas, you know, rather than flying first class to Amsterdam, like Dr. Weinfeld. *laughing*

Did not go first class.

There was no personal pod? We’re gonna try and make your experience for body contouring your personal pod in first class, massage, wine and so forth, you know, what’s your favorite foods? *laughing*

But, but, you know, I think just trying to figure out how we’re gonna get there to get to a good spot, whether it’s getting people down down weight, whether it’s doing tummy tuck, whether it’s doing you know, some of the these HD lipo stuff, but maybe we can kind of circle back because I know, we’ve talked about a lot of stuff. How do we decide, you know, who’s a good candidate for HD lipo? Maybe we’ll just kind of go around the room, and we’ll do some kind of rapid fire questions stuff to summarize some stuff, Dr… who’s a good candidate for HD lipo?
A couple of things. So they need to ideally be at an ideal body mass index, we certainly can help them along with that, with the skinny shot, offered it by an awesome plastic surgeon. Little plug right there. Yes. Otherwise, it we’re really looking at their skin component, you know, do they have skin laxity? Is there excess skin? Do we potentially need to stage a procedure to get rid of that excess skin? And when I do stage that procedure? Do they, are they still gonna have stretch marks that we were not able to get out? Those are potentially people that are not going to be perfect candidates for high definition liposuction?

And then what about which definition to offer people? How do you all have that discussion with them, because I think sometimes can be a little confusing to the patient and we want to get them to, to a good spot where they’re super happy with this, I got to talk about the different options there and help people kind of get to a spot with that.

I like to have them bring in wish pics so that gives me a better idea of what their vision is of their body, both contour wise and definition wise. So that getting them that helps kind of guide my conversation.

Yeah, I think… you were talking about… he has the whole concept of different body shapes, different people, you know, tall and lanky, little bit, you know, maybe heavier set, and sort of in between those two. And I think that helps me guide the discussion a lot, because high definition is not going to look great on everybody. And really, we have to have that right thing, that perfect combination of things for that to be the right choice for somebody.

And then what about men versus women? Because I think we alluded to it that that this is honestly a great option for for either one. Yeah, yep. Anything that you do differently in men versus versus women other than then maybe treating the pecs and deltoids and other areas that, not saying that we can’t treat those but you know, to be a little less common?

I would say that it’s more common, at least in in the San Antonio practice at at present to see more aggressive or extreme definition in a male population than I have seen in a female population. That’s not to say that there aren’t women out there that certainly want a more more extreme high definition liposuction. But in general, I would say it the conversation has definitely led more to further defining all muscular structures and the entire ab than just some soft definition.

Dr. Weinfeld? Any thoughts about this in combination with breast surgeries, other stuff, because sometimes people think that you can’t combine these but that’s not true.

No, absolutely. They can be combined. Like any combination of procedures, you want to make sure that you’re not choosing too many procedures that would take too long and make it an safe operation. But absolutely. And when we have, when we’re thinking about body contouring moneymakers, it’s a, mommy makers makeovers. *laughing* You know, we need to, we always got to recognize there’s modules, you can put things together to assemble the result that the patient is looking for. But you don’t want to try to put too much together. So absolutely, it’s a tool that can be used with other procedures.

And that what first staging note sometimes come in. So hope, can be so helpful. And it’s an important point, like, we’re not just in it for the one surgery, we’re in it for the entire time. We’re here for the whole ride for these patients. Yeah.
And I think you know, and I know, we’ve talked about this with other procedures, but I think any lipo sculpting procedure is super important because you want to be at a good weight because that’s gonna really help, anything that stretches out your skin, anything that changes your body is going to affect those results. I think Dr. Micallef brought it up earlier, you know, or Dr. Weinfeld. But this doesn’t treat the internal the visceral fat stuff. So you know, the better we can do about getting you to a great spot, if you need a tummy tuck, if we need to work with getting you to to an ideal weight first, a lot of times, we’re only saying that because we want to get you to a great spot where you’re gonna be super happy over overall, no matter what the procedure.

We really want to minimize that that visceral you mentioned it, that visceral fat component and really get you to an ideal spot. And then especially for women, postpartum women because we see a lot of mommy makers… right? Mommy makeovers when we really
Well, we are making mommy makers, like we all.. to find that husband they were looking for,
We want to address also that diastasis you know that separation that we see in many of our postpartum women because otherwise if you’re if you’re providing high definition liposuction in these ladies, it’s that’s not going to be anatomic at that point.
Any other last take home nuggets that you all would like to leave our longtime viewers, sometime DMers when we’re talking about high definition or total definition for patients?

Super exciting concept, we’ve successfully employed it in a number of patients and I think people think gladiator abs, but we really are making those, but they’re not ninja turtle looking like these are your abs, we’re highlighting what’s there. This is nothing. This is all what you bring into the table basically. And so I think that’s what’s so exciting about it.
And it’s funny because it used to be that only nose, breast aug, you know we’d have people bring wish pictures in but now even with the lipo we have people do that or BBLs people used to bring wish pictures, but now even with your your tummy, your lipo sculpting because we have so many options, so much control, it’s actually super super exciting. I I feel like it’s reinvigorated my passion for lipo sculpt, and because there’s so many kind of cool little nuances that we can can do. Dr… any?

Yeah, I mean, there’s next level liposuction and you know, just like it’s not your dad’s old mobile, it’s that liposuction. I mean it’s like next level stuff.

This is like the Ferrari or Lamborghini right here. So that’s actually really taken us a whole different level. You know, this is really, it’s not that old, you know, Chevy Cavalier anymore. You know.

Well, it’s funny because people are like, why why do you have so many things and we get a lot of questions about what’s better…lipo power assisted, Vaser, such an assistant to… lipo, you know, HD lipo, and I tell people. Well, to me, all of them, you know, we have all those those tools at our disposal, the power system, the tumescent, the curve, cannulas, the Vaser, the ultrasound, the Renuvia, and not everybody needs all of those things. Some people do, some people don’t. But this is the great thing. We have all those things at our disposal, we can really get you what you need. And we use what we need, we don’t where we don’t because you don’t want to create sort of like the preservation of rhino, you know, you don’t want to you don’t want to destroy something that’s already great if you don’t need extra energy, because there’s some scar tissue stuff and then we won’t do it. But if you need it, you need it. And and so there’s a lot of options now.
It’s like it’s creating the perfect recipe, you know.

Well, as Dr. Arredondo said, he’s the chef because abs aren’t aren’t, are made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen, so he wants to be your chef and we’re gonna get my hat for Christmas. Maybe a little apron. abs made in an hour. So super cool. Well, any other last last tidbits about total definition, HD, I think this is super exciting, especially in the peck, the deltoids, some other areas that that we can really shake people into.

Just having begun to realize the full potential of what this can do. There’s so many applications throughout the body. It’s just gonna be it’s gonna take off.

The precision of the ultrasound and the safety I think is is something that really kind of made me super excited about this because I want to keep people super safe but also something that’s going to have longevity and being able to really precisely put some of that fat I think is a is a game changer stuff. So appreciate all your guys’s info. I know that our fans are super excited. So to all you longtime viewers, sometime DMers hit us up. We’ll tag everybody’s Instagram just let us know how much you love this podcast or our HD lipo stuff so don’t forget you can download Plastic Surgery Untold anywhere you get your favorite podcast, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart. Did I forget any? I feel like anywhere you can get it and then if you want to see us or Dr. Weinfeld raising the roof on a different previous episode, please check us out. Alright guys, bye.