When I Come In For A Necklift, What Should I Expect?

Necklift is a commonly performed surgery to improve the appearance of the neck. If you have fat, excess or sagging skin on your neck or if your neck skin has lost its elasticity and firmness, you will need a neck lift to restore the beauty and obtain a youthful neck. It is a safe procedure and one of the most reliable treatments in cosmetic medicine.

However, Do You Know What to Expect When You Come in For a Necklift?

When you walk in to a cosmetic clinic for a necklift, you will not be given the treatment right away. There are a number of factors to look into before putting you through a neck lift surgery. You will need to hold rounds of discussions with your cosmetic physician and identify whether you can go ahead to truly achieve your aesthetic goals.

Expect Certain Restrictions

During the initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you will realize that you need to quit smoking and alcohol weeks prior to the surgery. You should stay away from sugary foods and avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Probe on Your Medical Conditions

Expect tons of questions on your health. You will be required to reveal your medical history and let the cosmetic professional know the medications you are taking and allergies if any. This enables him to tailor the procedure for you.

What Will My Diet Look Like?

A qualified necklift expert will guide you on the diet to be followed along with a list of do’s and don’ts. You need to comply with the same strictly.

Are You Ready for Anesthesia?

The procedure takes time and you need to be prepared to receive anesthesia; the choice of the same (local, general, sedation) will depend upon your body condition and your medical expert’s opinion.

Skin Assessment

An assessment of your skin will be made to determine its elasticity. In addition, the neck lift expert will also show you some pictures of how you will look like after the procedure. You can take a call.


Your candidature for the procedure is determined on the basis of your skin condition, your expectations, and your overall health.

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