What is the Difference Between SAFE BBL, Also Known as Ultra BBL, and a Normal BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift procedures continue to be one of the most common surgeries in our practice.  As its popularity has grown around the world, so has the number of names it’s referred to including specialized BBL procedures such as, SAFE BBL, Ultra BBL, and Skinny BBL. Let me guide you through some of these terms and what plastic surgeons are referring to when they use these specialized terminology to describe a BBL procedure.

SAFE Liposuction, or SAFE BBL, is a term used to describe a special technique of liposuction.  SAFE is an acronym for Suction Assisted Fat Equalization. The concept is that a specialized basket cannula is used prior to liposuction, and then again after the liposculpting has been completed. This specialized cannula helps release the fat prior to liposuction, and can be used to decrease the risk of contour deformities from liposuction after it has been completed. The cannula can help distribute the remaining fat, resulting in a smoother contour of the liposuctioned areas. People often confuse SAFE lipo for a “non-aggressive liposuction” and that is not true. The liposuction can be as aggressive, or not, depending on the situation. This specific method refers to the additional steps to decrease the risk of contour deformities after liposuction.  It is also very commonly used to treat patients who have previously had liposuction and we’re left with contour deformities. SAFE Lipo, in combination with fat transfer,  is one of the most common methods to fix contour issues. SAFE BBL refers to a BBL in which the Suction Assisted Fat Equalization (SAFE) liposuction method was used for the liposculpting and fat harvesting- it has no reference to the fat transfer or buttock itself.

Ultra BBL is a hot new term that was developed as a play on words. Essentially it means a BBL that utilizes the ultrasound for the fat transfer. It has been well established that a Brazilian Butt Lift is extremely safe when the fat is injected above the muscle. In the past, this was done by palpation and other positioning methods, but as technology has improved, small hand held ultrasound devices can be used to directly visualize the placement of the fat during a BBL. This gives the plastic surgeon, and the patient, the added safety and assurance that they know precisely where the fat is going when doing the fat transfer. Your plastic surgeon can watch the fat being injected in real time with the use of ultrasound guided fat injections.

A Skinny, or Fit BBL, typically refers to patients that are very thin who want to have  a Brazilian Butt Lift. Typically patients with a BMI over 22 are candidates for a BBL. Patients with a BMI below 22 will often fall into a Skinny or Fit BBL category. These terms are often used to describe patients that will have a limited amount of fat available for transfer, and have special considerations that need to be explored in their surgery. This can include liposuction of additional areas to harvest more fat, targeted fat transfer (specific areas that are going to be treated with the fat transfer), and/or rib repositioning. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your specific situation, and determine the necessary adjustments in your Skinny BBL to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

The terms SAFE BBL, Ultra BBL, and Skinny BBL all refer to a Brazilian Butt Lift, but can include additional steps or techniques to help improve your overall results. In our practice, most patients who have a Brazilian Butt Lift undergo the following techniques during the procedure: SAFE (Suction Assisted Fat Equalization) Liposculpting, VASER (ultrasonic technology) Liposuction, and Ultra (ultrasound guided fat injections during the Brazilian Butt Lift). We can also work with skinny patients due to our expertise with the different techniques listed above. It is important to ask your plastic surgeon about the use of ultrasound for fat injections, and what other methods they may or may not use during your Brazilian Butt Lift. Contact our office to learn more about your BBL options.

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