Is it hard to get seen for a breast augmentation consultation? Is there a wait time to schedule surgery?

This is an important question as you prepare for your breast augmentation surgery as you want to make sure that you get to consult with several doctors before your surgery. You also want to make sure you plan in advance so that you can have the dates for surgery that work best for your schedule.

First of all, it usually takes a couple weeks to get in for a consultation. Occasionally if your schedule is flexible you can be worked in sooner. You can also typically be asked to be placed on a cancelation list so that if someone cancels you can move your consultation date to a sooner time.

The second part of this question is the actual surgery. Currently my practice is booked out about two months in advance. A procedure like a breast augmentation that is shorter we can often try to accommodate patients if they are on a time crunch. However longer procedures such as mommy makeovers or facelifts are very difficult to squeeze into the schedule.

If you have a specific time that you want to have your surgery I would start the process at least three months before that date so that you are not rushed. In any breast implant surgery, I have patients come try implants on at least twice before the surgery as deciding on the perfect breast implant for your surgery can be the most difficult part of the whole process for patients.

I hope this helps give you an idea of the time line for any plastic surgery procedure. Please discuss your breast augmentation surgery with a board-certified plastic surgeon that can guide you through the entire process or call us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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