Choosing My Butt Implant

Deciding on the proper implant size can be difficult for patients just as it is when women are deciding on the proper breast implant size.

A couple things patients can do are having an open discussion with your surgeon about your aesthetic goals. Second is bringing in pictures that have the look that you are trying to achieve, as this will help your surgeon.

Typically I will take measurements of the buttock and determine what implants will fit your buttock. There are a range of butt implants and profiles (just like breast implants, though not as many).

Once I know what you are looking for in terms of appearance and what you body can accommodate then we I will give you some implants to choose from and help guide you as to what is best for your aesthetic goals.

Discuss your butt augmentation procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentations.


This is a great question as selecting the proper implant is very important. There are several ways to go about selecting the proper implant for your butt augmentation.

First of all while there is a limited number of butt implant sizes, there is still a range to choose from for the surgery. It is important that the implant fits the size of your buttock. Having an implant that is an appropriate size will help limit any problems post-operatively and will give you the best results possible.

Secondly I like for patients to send me wish pictures so that I can help guide them to the implant that will help them achieve those goals. It also allows us to have a talk about what are realistic goals from the surgery.

Thirdly, I typically use round implants as I feel that they help add volume to the hips and buttock. It gives patients a great shape even if they do not have sufficient fat to augment their hips. A round implant also avoid the issues with implant rotation that can happen with shaped implants.

In my practice the most common implant I use is a 548cc silicone round implant. There are larger and smaller implants depending on the individual needs of each patient.

Make sure that you talk to a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of implants about your butt implant surgery, or contact us today.

Good luck.

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