Can a Doctor be Precise About How Many CC He Can Inject into Both Hips and Buttocks?

Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to the buttock) has become one of the fast growing procedures in the U.S. over the past several years. As it has become more popular patients have become very educated on the topic. People often want it to be similar to breast augmentation where patients know before the surgery how many cc their breast implant will be prior to their surgery.

Fat transfer to the buttock is not as precise as a predetermined breast implant in terms of the exact amount of fat that can be transferred to each buttock. However an experienced plastic surgeon can often have a very good idea about the amount of fat that will be available and give you a range. For example I may tell a patient that I will transfer between 900 and 1100cc of fat per side. This gives them an idea of what is possible and lets them know that it is impossible to predict the exact amount of fat that will be transferred. The fat that is transferred is dependent on what is needed to achieve your aesthetic goals, available fat and the amount of fat that can be accommodated by your buttock.

Patients can help their plastic surgeon by bringing pictures of what their aesthetic goals are for their Brazilian Butt Lift. Then your surgeon can help guide you if those goals are realistic and he will have an idea of how much fat is necessary to achieve your desired result.

Please discuss your Brazilian Butt Lift with your board certified plastic surgeon that has experience with butt augmentations.

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