Brella: The New Frontier in the Treatment of Excessive Perspiration and Hyperhidrosis

Brella has quickly become one of the most talked-about treatments in plastic surgery since its release in 2023. In April of that year, the FDA cleared Brella for the treatment of hyperhidrosis in the axillary area. For many individuals, excessive perspiration in the underarms is a source of concern, particularly in regions with high temperatures and humidity, like Texas. Additionally, situations like transitioning from cold to hot environments during winter events or experiencing anxiety during presentations can lead to heightened perspiration levels, further exacerbating the issue. Therefore, finding an effective and convenient treatment for perspiration is crucial for improving overall patient comfort and confidence.

What makes Brella unique is that it is an office-based procedure with minimal downtime. Patients can visit their healthcare provider for an initial consultation to explore their options for treating excessive perspiration and hyperhidrosis. In the past, treatments typically involved the use of neurotoxins like Botox or Dysport to target axillary perspiration. While these treatments were effective, they required several weeks to take full effect and could be costly for many patients. In general, individuals needed around 100 units of Botox to effectively address excessive perspiration, with results lasting from three to six months. Another option, miraDry, offered a more permanent solution by targeting the sweat glands responsible for excessive perspiration. However, this treatment was more expensive and often required multiple sessions to achieve desired results.

The introduction of Brella has revolutionized the approach to treating excessive perspiration. What sets Brella apart is its cost-effectiveness, rapid onset of action, and minimal downtime. Patients who are good candidates for Brella treatment can undergo the procedure in under 30 minutes, making it highly convenient for individuals with busy schedules. During the treatment, a special patch is placed in the axillary area for about three minutes on each side. This innovative technique effectively decreases axillary perspiration by approximately 50 to 80%, providing instant relief. Patients have reported a significant reduction in underarm perspiration for a period of three to four months following the treatment. The quick results and prolonged duration of effect make Brella an appealing option for individuals seeking relief from perspiration concerns before their summer adventures, weddings, or important speaking engagements.

The excitement around Brella stems not only from its effectiveness but also from its affordability and accessibility. Unlike previous treatments, Brella offers a cost-effective solution for individuals who have been hesitant to pursue perspiration treatment due to financial constraints. Moreover, Brella can be conveniently performed in an office setting, minimizing disruption to patients’ daily lives and allowing them to return to their usual activities quickly. With minimal downtime, individuals can experience the benefits of reduced perspiration without lengthy recovery periods.

Currently, Brella is FDA-cleared for the treatment of excessive perspiration in the axillary area. However, as healthcare providers gain more experience with the treatment and gather additional evidence, its indications are expected to expand. Many patients have long desired a solution for excessive perspiration and hyperhidrosis, but the cost has often been a significant deterrent. The introduction of Brella has removed many of these barriers, offering a cost-effective office-based procedure that can be easily integrated into patients’ busy schedules. By providing a solution that is both affordable and efficient, Brella has opened the door to a new era of perspiration treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about Brella and its potential to address your excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis in the underarms, we encourage you to speak with one of our providers. They can assess your specific needs and determine if Brella is the right treatment option for you. Don’t let perspiration hold you back from enjoying life’s moments with confidence—Brella is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a drier, more comfortable future. With Brella, you can regain control over excessive perspiration and embrace a lifestyle free from the discomfort and self-consciousness it may cause. Call now to discuss this treatment with our team.

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